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Gift Basket Ideas - Making Gift Baskets The Professional Way

Gift Basket Ideas - Making Gift Baskets The Professional Way

Gift Basket Ideas - Making Gift Baskets The Professional Way

DIY Gift Baskets To Be Proud Of

Recently we shared a blog on putting together a coffee themed hamper, which proved popular, so now we’re sharing some inspiration for other gift boxes you might like to create. Making a gift basket is such a creative way to give a present, and people love being able to use the whole thing, including the basket the present came in. And once you have all the right materials – they’re super easy to assemble.

For early birds, this is the perfect time to think about Christmas hampers, and we have some great seasonal gift boxes and gift packaging coming in this year. However, while these hampers could certainly work under the Christmas tree, they’d also be lovely to give us a birthday, house warming or bridesmaid gift basket. They’re incredibly easy to personalise, by choosing your gift baskets, filler and final touches, in your favourite finishes and colours.

Choosing The Perfect Basket

There are so many gift baskets to choose from, from bamboo and hyacinth to seagrass baskets. So, narrow it down a little by having a quick think about your product choice or theme. We’ve chosen a contemporary basket for this design, which would work really well in a bathroom or dressing room when it’s empty – so it’s a natural choice for beauty products. If you’re creating a stationery hamper, consider a tin bucket in a bright or pastel shade that matches your note paper and writing materials. For a kitchen, food or garden themed gift hamper, wicker baskets, wooden creates and willow baskets are all good options for a chic country feel. The best choice is also about making sure you get the shape and size right – you want the contents to look generous, so make sure your basket isn’t so big that the products are swamped.

Beauty Gift Basket

Products that work with this theme: 1/ Satin Ribbon in Dusty Pink 2/  Herringbone Ribbon Baby Pink & Latte 3/ Whitewash Heart Pick in Pink 4/ Whitewash Hanging Flower in Pink 5/ Grey Woven Storage Basket Set of 3 6/ Glass Vintage Bottle in Pink 7. Fabric Daisy Flower Head in Lavender

Don’t Forget Your Basket Filler

This is one step the professionals don’t skip. You’ll want your products to sit proud in the basket – so investing in some basket filler makes a big difference in creating a good finish. If your basket is quite deep, you may want to start by crunching up some plain wrapping or tissue paper into rough balls to fill the bottom two-thirds of your basket, so it creates a nice base. Now add a layer of basket filler – investing in crinkle-cut shredded paper (there’s even red and green shredded paper especially for Christmas), shredded cello or wholesale packaging & wood wool here will really pay off in terms of a professional finish. It adds cushion and helps protect your goods, and easily allows you to set your products in place so they stay exactly where you want them. Preserved moss can work beautifully for a gardeners gift box!

Food Gift Hamper

Try using: 1/ Oval Hyacinth Tray  2/ Small A-Frame Chalkboard 3/Jute Ribbon in Sage 4/Olive Spray 5/ Wooden Crate Set

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

When you’re building your basket, the golden rule if your products vary in size, is to have the taller items sit at the back of the basket (labels sitting forward of course!). This is particularly key if you have large glass bottles of wine in the hamper! The finishing touches are the fun part where you can personalise the hamper, and they make all the difference. In fact, you may want to start by choosing your coloured ribbon, silk flowers or decorative picks first, as the jumping off point for a whole hamper colourway. Finally, if you want to add extra protection and an expert flourish, consider wrapping your whole gift basket in a cello sheet. Happy gift giving!

Feeling inspired? You can shop everything you need to make these DIY hampers at Koch & Co online! We have glass bottles, baskets, artificial flowers and more.

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