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Glue Gun Buying Guide

Glue guns and glue sticks are used for many applications in crafting, beading and jewellery making, floristry and artificial flower arranging, upholstery and even woodwork. They are long lasting and very inexpensive craft tools. This glue gun guide will help you buy the best glue gun for your needs.

How do glue guns work?

A glue gun has a heating element running through it. It is in the shape of a gun and is hand held. Glue guns use glue sticks specifically designed for glue guns. An adhesive glue stick is fed into the glue gun and as the element heats up the glue will melt and run out of the metal glue gun nozzle.

What do you want to glue?

Depending on what you need to glue, you should consider the temperature of the glue you need and how quickly it needs to set. This will also determine which glue gun and glue sticks to buy. There are glue sticks specifically made for high and low temperature glue guns.

How many different types of glue guns are there?

Glue guns are either high or low temperature. Glue guns with a heating temperature of around 120°C (250 degrees F) are low temperature glue guns. High temperature glue guns have a heating temperature of 200°C (380 degrees F). There are however dual temperature glue guns as well.

Low temperature glue guns are best suited for projects that do not require the glue to set fast such as gluing paper or delicate materials and are best suited for children (under supervision at all times)

High temperature glue guns on the other hand are mostly used by professional designers that are working with fabric, wood or even plastics, for example artificial flowers.

Some glue guns are battery operated bust most have a power cord.

Importantly your glue gun can be either manual or trigger feed. Manual feed requires you to push the glue stick through the glue gun. Trigger feed glue guns allow you to advance the glue stick through the glue gun each time you click the trigger.

Usually how big is a glue gun?

Glue guns are all hand held and range from larger industrial strength guns to mini glue guns which are about the size of your hand.

How to choose the right glue sticks?

Melt glue sticks are an essential part of using a glue gun. No different from using staples with a stapler. There are many types of glue sticks on the market based on your needs.

Glue sticks will either be suitable for a low temperature or high temperature glue gun and mostly are a milky or yellow colour that once used will dry clear.

Other varieties of glue sticks can be coloured and even have glitter mixed in the glue. The glue will bond and dry to touch relatively quickly.

Glue gun safety tips

As the glue gun requires heat and power to operate, there are some safety tips to observe when using a hot glue gun:

  • Use the glue gun in a safe space
  • Have an area to lay the glue gun down after use as the glue may continue to flow even after you have stopped using it
  • Do not pull glue sticks out of the gun
  • Never use a hot glue gun near water
  • Always observe the glue gun nozzle can burn
  • Allow the hot glue to cool before touching
  • Never leave the gun switched on for more than one hour per use

You’re now ready to buy your glue gun and start using it for all your craft and floristry projects. You can browse our full range of hot glue guns and melt glue sticks online.

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