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Hamper Baskets for All Occasions

Hamper Baskets for All Occasions

Hamper Baskets for All Occasions

We’ve all been there. That knot in your stomach when you’re at a loss of what to get someone for their Birthday or Christmas! The thing is you might not know what they want, but you do know a few of their favourite things. That’s where a gift hamper is a great alternative to traditional gift-giving because it allows you the freedom to be creative in a heartfelt way.

Although, there is a fine line between putting together an ok gift hamper and a great gift hamper. All your chosen elements need to come together to make one unified gift that is centred around the person you are gifting it to. In this helpful blog, we will highlight the key elements that make a hamper great and how you can give it your own personal touch.

1. Theme

Firstly, you should decide on what your hamper’s theme is, this can be a combination of things. To determine the theme of your gift hamper you should ask yourself:

What’s the occasion?

  • Birthday
  • Festive Holiday e.g., Christmas or Easter
  • Baby Shower
  • Father’s Day or Mother’s Day
  • Wedding Gift
  • Bridesmaid Gift
  • Retirement Gift

What are some of their favourite things?

  • Gourmet Foods
  • Sweet treats
  • Savoury treats
  • Alcohol e.g., Wine or Beer
  • Beauty Products
  • Home décor
  • Essential products e.g., bibs for a baby

What is their favourite colour?

To make the selection easier for yourself you can always choose traditional colours that are used for certain occasions, like pink, blue, or yellow for baby showers. But if you want to put a personal touch on your hamper, choosing products that highlight the recipient’s favourite colour can help personalise the hamper for them.

2. Base

This often is an overlooked element but choosing the right base for your hamper can be just as important as the filling. Being waste-conscious is an important factor that we should all be aware of when selecting gifts. Quite often the packaging that a gift comes in is discarded by the receiver because it is a one-use item. This does not have to be the case when it comes to your hamper.

We recommend selecting a base that can be repurposed. The most popular way that these can be reused is for storage around the house or office space. A great example of this is if you’re gifting a hamper for a Baby Shower then a tin bucket is a great option for the base as it can be repurposed as a toy box or essential storage in the nursery afterwards.

The base of your hamper can also add to the aesthetic theme of the hamper. For example, if you want to make the hamper a little more masculine then you could try selecting a vintage style wooden crate or box as your base.

Some of our favourite hamper bases include:

3. Filling

Probably the most important elements of a hamper are the thoughtful gifts that go into it. These items can be different things for different hampers, but to make the purchase process easier on yourself we recommend sticking to our previous rules of occasion, favourites, and colour theme.

If you have a few main items but not enough for your entire hamper, we recommend adding a few extra small items to fill out the rest of your hamper.

Some of our favourite filler items include:

But you can’t just dump all your items into your hamper box. To help arrange your gifts neatly, you need some sort of shredded filler to add support to your items. Available in a variety of different styles, shredded filler is your secret weapon for creating the illusion that your gifts are seamlessly floating on the top of your hamper.

You can choose from a selection of different types of filler including:

However, if you are putting together a food-based hamper we do recommend using a food-grade shred, even if your products are wrapped and not touching the paper directly.


4. Wrapping

When it comes to hampers, presentation is everything. Wrapping your hamper helps put the finishing touches on it and ensures that all your precious gifts stay safe and secure inside. Although you don’t have to wrap your hamper, a popular choice is to wrap them in clear or coloured cellophane.

This can be done using:

To secure the cello sheet/bag at the top of your hamper you can use a range of decorative ribbons, including:


5. Finishing touch

The final step in your hamper making process should come from the heart. Adding a card or note to the hamper can help show the recipient how your collection of goodies comes from the heart. Traditional cards might seem a bit out of place attached to a hamper, so we recommend using a small florist card when adding your heartfelt note.

Also, if you want to add a little touch of fun to your hamper you can try attaching a helium latex or foil balloon that shows your special message of “Happy Birthday” or “It’s A Girl” in bright and big letters. 


Making a hamper doesn’t need to be a daunting task, at Koch & Co we have everything you need online and in-store to make building your dream hamper a fun activity. However, if you still don’t feel up to the task, we have a range of pre-made baby hampers available for all the expecting mums and dads.

For more information on shredded filler, read our other Koch Blog A Guide to Wood Wool & Shred Buying. And for more information on Cello Bags, read our helpful Guide to Cello Bags now.

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