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How to Decorate Your Office for Christmas

How to Decorate Your Office for Christmas

How to Decorate Your Office for Christmas

This year we want to celebrate Christmas with a bang and are looking to spread Christmas cheer harder than ever before, even in the office. So we’ve compiled a list of Christmas decorations to help you decorate your office and leave your co-workers in awe. And even if you are continuing to work from home, you can use these tips to help decorate your office at home as well.

1. Adorn the Place with Plants

Artificial plants are a great idea because they add the right amount of green to your space and require no care besides the occasional dusting. The best part is that you can decorate them weeks before and they won’t get ruined like real plants would. The same stands true for an artificial Christmas tree. You can take your sweet time putting it in the common room and decorating it with your colleague’s favourite ornaments.

2. Scented Candles Provide Ambience

Do we even need to discuss the evidence associated with scented candles for soothing your nerves and helping you wind down after a hectic day? Everyone knows how they can calm your anxiety during stressful times for some zen moments during the day. The days leading up to Christmas are joyful, but they are also taxing because of the endless cleaning, gift shopping, hosting, and cooking. In this scenario, the best you can do is place scented candles around the workplace and cubicles to give your co-workers and yourself a chance to take a deep breath and relax for a moment.


3. Add Vases Occasionally

When Christmas day is near, you should invest in some good-looking vases that can be placed around the workplace. You can fill these with fresh or artificial flowers, and this will add a nice stylish and colourful touch to the space.

4. Spend on Those Decorations

It’s time to go all out and spend money on those trinkets, ornaments, and wreaths. Christmas is the one time of the year where nothing you will do will look over the top, so why not give it your all. Add a nice wreath to the front door at work so customers and clients feel welcome. You can even add decorative LED lights to the cubicles for some extra sparkle. We suggest really spending on the tree decorations and making an activity out of it. You can have all co-workers choose a decoration that they like and then put it up, so it’s everyone’s tree at heart.


5. Add a Little Wish Corner

We know you are a little too old to believe in Santa, but how about creating a secret wish corner where co-workers can add their wish lists and other co-workers can get gifts for them based on the list? This way, you will all get your own little secret Santa and a chance to spread the joy of Christmas.

6. Decorate Your Own Desk

Sure, you will spend time decorating the entire office, but your desk should stand out as well. Add a personal touch to your space with a tabletop Christmas tree, vase, candle, or some red & green decor. If you show your enthusiasm for the Holiday Season perhaps others will follow the trend.


7. Invest Time in DIY

Buying decorations can get a little expensive, but you can use coloured paper and glitter to create some cool decorations for your cubicle or desk as well. Cut out festive shapes like snowflakes or bells, and simply hang them with some twine or paste them around your desk.

Make this Christmas an event to remember by motivating your entire workplace to get into the Holiday Spirit and decorate your office. To help out we have all your Christmas decorations & decor needs covered at Koch & Co, with everything from Christmas ornaments to artificial trees at great wholesale prices.

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