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How To Reuse Keri Candle Jars

How To Reuse Keri Candle Jars

How To Reuse Keri Candle Jars

The time comes for all Koch candle lovers when your Keri Candle is spent and you’re left with the question of what to do with the empty jar. While our candle jars are recyclable, there are also many ways you can reuse your candle jars and give them a second life.  

How To Clean Your Jar 

There are many ways to clean a candle jar, but we have found the easiest way is the following:   

  1. While the remaining wax is still warm (not hot), wipe out as much of the wax as possible using a paper towel.  
  2. Pour some warm water (not too hot, as the jar may crack) into the jar. Any remaining wax will melt and then begin to float to the water’s surface.  
  3. Once the wax and water have cooled, remove the floating wax . 
  4. Hand wash your jar to remove any soot buildup. Repeat for stubborn residue. 

Organisation & Storage  

There are many ways to reuse candle jars for home organisation and storage.:

  1. For Keri candles that have a lid with a rubber seal, these containers can be used to store food like herbs and spices, candies, and tea bags.
  2. In the bathroom or bedroom, they can be used to hold makeup brushes, cotton buds, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and jewellery. Add vase fillers like acrylic pearls to the bottom of your jar as a stylish way to keep your brushes in place.  
  3. In the office or workspace, the same can be applied to stationery, craft, and office supplies.
  4. Use our cloche candle jars to store valuables like loose change or keys. These enclosed jars are ideal for costume jewellery, as the cloche will keep moisture out and help to slow any tarnishing.
make up brush candle jar

Decorating Your Jar 

There are a number of ways you can decorate Keri candle jars.

Ribbon: Try tying a ribbon around the middle of your candle jar. For a more personalised effect, layer ribbons of contrasting textures and widths, add gift tags, stickers, charms, and more. This tactic provides an easy way to match candle jars  to the aesthetic of your home, with the option to swap out decorations based on the season or holiday.

Spray Paint: Colour shift or add texture to your candle jar by spray painting it. Some interesting techniques include:

  • Completely spray the candle jar in one solid colour.
  • Spray the candle jar lightly from very far away to achieve a speckled look.
  • Cover some areas with masking tape before spraying to create different shapes and patterns.

Try experimenting with layers of paint and different colours to yield truly unique finishes.

painted mason jars

Decorating Your Home

Empty Keri Candle Jars can also function as decorative pieces in the home:

  1. Use your jar to house a small bunch of fresh or artificial flowers. Alternatively, add some soil and a small plant that doesn’t need drainage holes; like a snake plant, or propagate a cutting in water.
  2. Make a mini succulent terrarium using preserved moss, artificial greenery, and artificial succulents.  
  3.  Use your jars as tealight or LED candle holders to keep their original purpose of illuminating your space.
empty jar flower vase

Re-gifting Your Jar 

There are many ways you can gift these jars to your loved ones as heartfelt DIY treats. 

  1. Make personal gifts from your jar by filling them with DIY sugar scrubs, granola mixes, or candies.
  2. Fill your jar with heartfelt handwritten notes. For a loved one you don’t see often, they can reach into the jar and enjoy a heartfelt note when they need some comfort.
  3. Make new candles! Experiment with essential oils and ingredients like dried lavender or dehydrated lemon slices to create a unique sensory experience.

Next time you shop for Koch & Co Keri candles, take the time to explore the range of decorative supplies mentioned in this guide to upcycle your candle containers once they’re spent. Check out our helpful safety guides Soy Candle FAQ Page and Candle Safety Guide to help you safely DIY.

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