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How To Soak Floral Foam In Just 4 Easy Steps!

How To Soak Floral Foam In Just 4 Easy Steps!

How To Soak Floral Foam In Just 4 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how those spectacular floral arrangements you see in a florist or on a celebrities Instagram page hold their gravity-defying shapes? The answer is floral foam; the secret weapon to help tackle even the biggest blossoming beasts.

But are you soaking it correctly? Unknown to many, there is a right way and a wrong way to soak floral foam.

Here is the right way to soak floral foam properly.

What you need:

  • A large plastic bucket
  • Water
  • A Floral Foam Knife
  • Your chosen piece of floral foam
  • And patience

Step 1 Fill your bucket with water, double the depth of a brick is ideal.

Step 2 Gently place your piece of floral foam on top of the water and let it soak until it naturally sinks to the bottom of the bucket. It should take 60 seconds to sink and soak.

TIP This is where patience is needed. Make sure not to push down or force the foam when soaking. If you do this it will create dry air pockets in the foam that do not hold water and will reduce the lifespan of the flowers.

Step 3 Once the floral foam has been fully soaked, pull the foam out of the water. On the video you can see the difference between a soaked and forced soaked brick of floral foam.

Step 4 Trim the foam according to the size of the container that you will be using. Once all of this is completed you are ready to add fresh flowers to your floral foam.

Now that you have the basics down, you are ready to take on anything. Floral foam is a uniquely diverse product that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For more of our range of floral foam products visit our website or our Auburn store today.

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