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How to Stage a Wedding Sand Ceremony

How to Stage a Wedding Sand Ceremony

How to Stage a Wedding Sand Ceremony

How to Stage the Perfect Beach Wedding

In the article, three unique wedding theme ideas, we took a look at three of the most popular wedding themes of 2014 – industrial chic, country and beach. All of three of these fabulous themes have captured the hearts of wedding planners across the country, but in this sun kissed country of ours there’ll always be a special place in our hearts for beach themed weddings.

Location Location Location

First things first, the most important component of any beach wedding is of course, the beach itself. For couples looking to keep it local, every state in Australia has a wealth of amazing beachfronts, perfect for staging a wedding. But when it comes to choosing the ultimate beach wedding location, it’s hard to go past the ‘sunshine state’.

From tropical North Queensland all the way down to the glorious Sunshine Coast, Queensland is home to some of the most popular beach wedding hot spots in the world.  And with daily temperatures of 20-23 degrees throughout the winter months, sunny Queensland is a great place to find the perfect beach for tying the knot, even in the cooler months.

Wherever your beach wedding is located, it’s easy to inject some tropical glamour into your decor. Adding some hot pink and purple tropical flowers, like artificial orchids or frangipani makes a great start. Layer on some strewn petals, river pebbles, hanging garlands, coloured glass and pretty lights for a look that is less laid-back, more luxe.

Beach Wedding Theme Tropical

Feel the Sand Between Your Toes

One of the best things about staging a beach theme wedding is the fact that you and your loved ones get to play in the sand. Have a shoe check and get all your guest to kick off their heels and leave their shoes behind. Provide flips flops for your guests if they’re uncomfortable going barefoot, but we’re pretty sure your guests will appreciate the informality.

The whole point of a beach wedding is to provide a relaxed and comfortable setting for you and your guests, a concept that’s a far cry from the rigid formalities of the traditional wedding. Choosing to stage your wedding by the sea also allows you to embrace cool beachy themed add ons such as wedding sand ceremonies and rock ceremonies. The fresh air calms the nerves, and the seaside ambiance will make you and your partner, as well as your guests, feel at peace and at ease.

Beach Wedding Theme Glamour

Bon Voyage

Arrive and/or depart your beach wedding in style. By arriving and/or departing to/from your beach themed wedding by boat you’re sure to create a lasting impression; one that your friends and family will remember forever. It’s all too easy to keep the sea in the background as a pretty, idyllic backdrop, but we think incorporating the big blue into the actual ceremony is a clever touch. It’s also the prefect excuse to add a nautical look to your theme!

The most obvious advantage of holding a beach wedding is that it doesn’t require a lot of decorating. For the most part, Mother Nature takes care of the work. All you need to do is add the detail. Think about layers of blue and clear glass vases, lanterns, and candle holders to create a super chic but relaxed vibe that looks even better at night. You can also play around with textures and materials. We love combining river pebbles with shells in vases, or scattering the river pebbles around the table. You can also create cute little DIY messages in a bottle with the best wholesale glass bottles Australia loves!

We suggest even trying electric candles – this way there’s not chance of the flame going out if it gets a little windy! Add extra glass cloches and vessels with rope details, striped ribbon in pale blue and navy, and wicker baskets for beach wedding decor that is guaranteed to be a roaring success.

Beach Wedding Theme Nautical

Feeling inspired? You can find everything you need to create the perfect beach themed wedding at Koch & Co. Shop river pebbles, vases and the wholesale glass bottles Australia loves, online today.

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