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Inspire Your Christmas With Decorations That Aren’t Red

Inspire Your Christmas With Decorations That Aren’t Red

Inspire Your Christmas With Decorations That Aren’t Red

The holiday season is all about celebrating family traditions. On those cherished special occasions where our loved ones are able to come together under one roof to see familiar faces, tell all the old stories and enjoy our family’s favourite dishes.

Some traditions are timeless and will never need to change. But when it comes to decorating for the holidays, it’s always worth exploring new ways to make our homes special each and every year.

One change that is easy to make and will keep your home merry for the holidays for years to come is to switch up the colour scheme. We have nothing against the classic red and green Christmas decor most of us have grown up with. But coming up with new ideas for the holidays is how all our favourite traditions came about in the first place (eggnog anyone?) With so many Christmas decorations available at Koch, there’s no reason why your Christmas colour palette can’t celebrate with every colour of the rainbow.

A Gold Christmas

A gold Christmas isn’t just a sign of wealth, opulence and royalty. The colour gold carries with it a sense of optimism and positivity that extends out to everyone around it. By making our new gold glamour tree the centerpiece of your holiday home, you are essentially bringing the warmth and comfort of the sun into the middle of your holiday gatherings.

By adding Christmas home decorations around the tree like gold toy soldiers and gold toy trains you will create a some amazing eye catching displays that will turn your home into a palace.

With the addition of some wonderfully crafted ceramic hanging baubles from the tree and an elegant metal candle holder and you have all the makings for a truly brilliant holiday season.

Silver Christmas

There is a reason why the Christmas song “Silver Bells” is a holiday classic. Silver and Christmas go hand in hand. Silver is soothing, purifying and a bit mysterious, which is the perfect atmosphere when the little ones are excitedly waiting for Father Christmas.

Silver Christmas

Silver illuminates and reflects the energy of the colours that are around it, so no matter the colour scheme of your furniture and surrounds, the silver lining will complement the ultra-modern Christmas home.

Add a few snowy pine trees or iceland pine christmas garlands and you can transform your space into a winter wonderland on even the hottest day.

Natural Christmas

Natural Christmas decorations have a way of inspiring an extra sense of closeness among family during the holidays. Materials like wood and twine are full of heart and warmth and are perfect for all the passionate DIY designers that love to leave their personal touch on the holidays.

natural Christmas

The key to a natural Christmas is simplicity. A willow wreath is the perfect base for adding fresh flowers from the garden or pine cones decorated by Father Christmas’s little helpers.

The earthy feel of natural materials can be beautifully enhanced with natural, mosaic pillar candles to complete the feel with a natural light source. Some of the soy candles Australia customers are loving in our collection will also be perfect.

Natural style decorations leave everyone with a feeling of stability and structure and can enhance that sense of comfort and belonging that make the holidays such an important time for family.

Copper & Rustic Christmas

If you are looking for a way to host a very dignified, holiday gathering full of all the grace and charm that a rustic interior can provide, look no further than copper Christmas decorations.

Copper Christmas

Copper is a very positively charged tone that leaves a space with a certain vibrancy and an abundance of good energy. Its earthy feel also relates to quality, enhancing the best characteristics of your home to promote warmth and companionship.

Get creative and arrange a series of rustic jingle bell wreaths around a metal display frame to create lovely nooks for family to catch up for those precious moments when the world slows down and memories are made. Enliven your mantle with royal floral garland arrangements paired with candles that add to the rustic charm of your copper Christmas theme.

Rose Pink Christmas

A rose pink colour theme can showcase the sweeter side of the holiday season. Although softer than red, pink adds an excitement and vibrancy to a space and conveys the playful side of the holiday that should be celebrated as well.

Pink Christmas

Pink naturally takes center stage, so don’t be surprised when your house full of pink Christmas decorations transforms your holiday home into the talk of the town. Be sure to set the tone outside with a blush pine pink christmas wreath on your door to brighten the entire neighborhood.

Complete the pink panther look on the inside with a stack of baby pink suitcases and Koch’s signature baby pink box sets around your tree decorated with beautiful pink Christmas baubles. During this year’s holiday, if you’re feeling adventurous and looking to make a change that no one will forget, think pink.

Browse our full range of Christmas tree decorations for more festive inspiration! Don’t forget we ship all our decorations, scented candles and soy candles Australia wide – shop now!

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