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Introducing our NEW Koch & Co Professional Floral & Craft Design Spray Paint Range!

Introducing our NEW Koch & Co Professional Floral & Craft Design Spray Paint Range!

Introducing our NEW Koch & Co Professional Floral & Craft Design Spray Paint Range!

Koch & Co Professional Floral & Craft Design Spray Paints are exclusively Developed & Tested by Koch & Co in Australia. This new range is designed to elevate the industry standard for florists, event decorators, crafters, and hobbyists. Harnessing the latest innovations in acrylic spray paint, this range has all the benefits of modern spray paints with a specialised gentle formula. This makes Floral & Craft Spray Paints perfect for delicate materials that are adversely affected by harsh general-use spray paints. 

Discover the NEW Range:

Key Features:

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In addition to a gentle formula, it’s easier than ever to use Koch & Co Floral & Craft Spray Paints on a wide range of surfaces using our new and improved nozzle. This new nozzle design helps keep fingers clean and allows for better control during application. 

Thanks to our unique formulation and nozzle innovation, each pass of our spray paint provides more coverage than competing spray paints. Our ultra-fine mist provides uniform coverage, and this, combined with our winning paint formula, gives a controlled and even distribution of colour with fewer passes, every time. Our Floral & Craft spray paint range is quick-dry and low odour, with a short wait between coats of paint. 

Perfect for florists, our Floral & Craft spray paints are Fresh Flower and Floral Foam Friendly. As self-priming paints, you can apply our extensive range of colours and finishes with ease to fresh, dried, preserved, and artificial flowers and foliage as well as wet or dry floral foam. Suitable for a number of hard-to-paint surfaces, our Floral & Craft Design Spray Paints range is gentle yet versatile enough to also apply to pottery, polystyrene, baskets, ceramic, glass, ribbon, paper, wood, ABS plastic, metal, and other paintable surfaces.

Useful Information

Find extra product information, safety instructions, creative inspiration, and more with these resources:

Gentle on Fresh Flowers

Where general-use spray paints can damage delicate flower petals, Koch & Co Floral & Craft spray paints are gentle enough to colour-shift your flowers without dramatically affecting their integrity. Use our extensive range of spray colours and finishes to achieve unique shades and colour combinations for your events florals. Our gentle formula helps to ‘freeze’ flowers in their state, giving flowers the longevity essential to events displays.

Our range of spray paints is highly pigmented. For a more subtle application of colour, we recommend spraying lighter coats from further away. Our quick-drying range will help you to get more out of your painted flowers. With Koch & Co Floral & Craft spray paints, you can paint, arrange, and deliver your arrangements speedily, so they can be enjoyed while still at their best.

white rose painted gold

Safe on Many Surfaces

Koch & Co Floral & Craft spray paints are suitable for use on a number of surfaces that are not only suitable for florists and crafters, but also for domestic use. Use our range of spray paint on:

Just as our paints can be used to paint preserved hydrangeas for a wedding, they can also be used to create a trendy half-natural, half-painted woven basket for your indoor plants.


Use our spray paints to challenge the way you are used to seeing, perceiving, or styling different objects. Use our spray paints to change a surface’s texture and colour for an innovative shift that repurposes style or function. For example, spray paint a wooden crate in a bright and bold shade for a shift from ‘rustic’ to ‘kitschy’.

wooden crate painted pink

Be Creative

Change the colour palettes you see and work with and create a new way of styling everyday or work-related products. Paint an ombre gradient onto the bottom half of a white vase or makeover your garden with painted terracotta pots. Small touches can overhaul your space and inspire you in your everyday life.

ceramic pot painted gold


Save your products or decor from the donation bin or the skip by updating their look with some spray paint. Bring that old glassware into the 2020s with matte paint for a modern and minimalistic facelift. Paint those branches pruned from the garden and arrange them artfully in a vase. As an exercise in creativity and recycling, the world is your oyster with Koch & Co Floral & Craft Spray Paints.

Explore our range of vividly pigmented Koch & Co Floral & Craft Spray Paints for your next project, arrangement, or event. Especially formulated and designed for delicate materials and intricate handiwork, this range is especially suited to florists, events specialists, and crafters across Australia.

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