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Introducing The World’s First Black Floral Foam

Introducing The World’s First Black Floral Foam

Introducing The World’s First Black Floral Foam

Do you find it difficult to blend and conceal green floral foam in your arrangements? Are you looking for a solution to use less flowers in an arrangement while maintaining a high-quality visual impact?
To solve these dilemmas, Smithers-Oasis have developed a new floral foam: OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife.

With OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife, floral foam is now available in a new black colour, which is much easier to conceal than green. The black floral foam can blend in the shadows of the flowers or the foliage, meaning that gaps are less noticeable. You can now use fewer flowers to achieve the same full-looking arrangement.
Certain florists also prefer to not hide or cover the OASIS® Noir foam to create contemporary arrangements that show off the underlying floral structures rather than concealing them. With OASIS® Noir, the foam base can now become part of your floral design.
Smithers-Oasis declared that the new black floral foam has the same properties that you can expect from the green floral foams (same water saturation, same density and grip properties).

Koch & Co is one of the first suppliers on the Australian market to offer this product to florists. Here is the press release from Smithers-Oasis about the new product:


Press Release by OASIS® – June 2018: Embrace the space using NEW OASIS® Noir Floral Foam Maxlife

Following months of continuous development and market research, OASIS® Floral Products is introducing a brand new innovative floral foam called OASIS® Noir Floral Foam Maxlife.
One of the biggest challenges facing florists are increasing costs, specifically fresh flowers and foliage. These cost increases are becoming harder to pass onto their customers. OASIS® Noir Floral Foam Maxlife enables florists to create arrangements using less flowers and foliage, with a reduced labour time.
Anthony Hart, Marketing Director comments “The magic behind OASIS® Noir Floral Foam Maxlife is its black colour. Noir absorbs more light and is less reflective than green floral foams. This means spaces in the floral foam are less noticeable and can be used creatively when producing an arrangement”
Anthony also commented “The clever use of space means you can use fewer flowers which in turn means less arranging time. The overall effect and appearance of the arrangement is not compromised, enabling you to charge the same price as an arrangement that contained more flowers. The net effect is greater margin/profit for the florist.”
OASIS® Noir Floral Foam Maxlife has the same high quality properties that you have come to expect from our green floral foams including; high quality, up to 50% longer flower life than in previous foams, super hydration and superb grip that secures your stems in place.
Market research was conducted with a panel of florists who compared traditional green floral foam to new noir floral foam. All participants found by using new noir floral foam they could create comparable looking arrangements with a reduced amount of flowers and foliage.

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