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Here at Koch & Co we have a magnificent range of Art Glass and do not pretend to pass it off as Murano Glass. We have studied the Murano Glass techniques and have respectfully created collections that although have some similarities to the old traditional techniques do not attempt to pass off as Murano glass. Our art glass is very colourful, classical and contemporary.

The masters of this glass are usually found in the north Of China in the Dalian area where there are still artisans that practice this special art glass making technique.
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The journey of our vases, bowls, candle holders and figurines start out in a similar way to all mouth blown handmade art glass and that is as a powder of sand, fluxes and colour.
The main components of Art glass are silica sand, stabilisers and fluxes like soda and lime. This interesting combination once melted becomes glass that does not solidify quickly allowing the technician to form and mould the glass. Colours such as oxides, minerals and other chemicals are added to the powder base before heated up into melted glass.
These ingredients are skillfully melted and hand blown into exquisite unique pieces of Art Glass. The texture and quality is superb and the degree of difficulty can be quite intricate. The glass is solid and usually quite heavy due to the quality of raw materials used. No one piece will be the same.

The island of Murano is a well-known commercial port located close to Venice. It is the original and as many say, the only home of handmade Murano glass.

The skill and technique of making Murano glass is hundreds of years old dating back to the 7th Century. Other countries in Western Europe and Asia have adapted similar techniques over the years but do not call their glass Murano glass and rather call it Art Glass. Murano glass takes many forms such as vases, candle holders, chandeliers, figurines and much more. The fashions have changed but the tradition has not which has seen a decline of certified Murano based glass making craftsmen over the years.

Art glass is mostly used for home decorations as the weight and price are not often friendly for the florist on a budget.

Koch & co updates many art glass collections each year to stay up with all home interior and floral trends and ensures the best quality in the market.

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