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Picnic Basket Buying Guide

Picnic Basket Buying Guide

Picnic Basket Buying Guide

Picnic baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, picnic baskets have come alone in leaps and bounds and the options are varied. Australia has best outdoors in the world to enjoy an afternoon out in nature, a leisurely stroll to the park or just a fun day out. When we go out and about, we always love to bring along some food and refreshments to make the day comfortable and relaxing, so that is why picnic baskets are part of our way of life. To make it easier to choose the picnic basket that best fits your outdoor and picnicking needs, we have developed a list of how many types of picnic baskets we sell and this picnic basket buying guide to help you with the advantages and disadvantages of different picnic baskets.

1. Some of the things should know about buying a picnic basket

  • Work out how many people you may wish to cater for on your picnic
    – 2 person picnic baskets
    – 4 person picnic baskets
  • What equipment the basket should hold
    – Traditional classic wicker picnic baskets with cutlery, plates and drinking glasses. These can either be made of glass, ceramic or metal otherwise they will be made of plastic so they do not break.
    – Picnic baskets with zip freezer bags to keep your food and drink as cool as any esky
    – Picnic baskets with additional blankets
    – Picnic baskets that do not have any cutlery
  • The shape is all important
    i. How much will it hold
    ii. How easy it is to carry
  • The material
    i. Wicker picnic baskets are long lasting and hardy. They can be a little bulky
    ii. Willow is a little softer but very similar to wicker
    iii. Artificial wicker looks exactly like willow but is a soft plastic material that is light and durable. Very easy to clean.
    iv. Wood chip baskets are simple and sturdy that can carry a more than reasonable amount of weight. They also double as a shopping basket.
  • The Finish
    i. Many trendy finishes are available like white wash and stained.
    ii. A variety of handle types are also available to make carrying baskets easy


We have selected some of the most traditional and popular picnic baskets:

2. Picnic baskets with accessories

3. Classic Picnic basket collections

4. Wood chip woven picnic baskets

5. Cane woven picnic baskets

6. Plastic fibre woven picnic baskets

7. Willow baskets with handle for picnic

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