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The Essential Guide To The Allium

The Essential Guide To The Allium

The Essential Guide To The Allium

Botanical Name: Allium spp.

Common Name: Allium

General Knowledge: The Allium flower, originating from various regions across the Northern Hemisphere, is widely used in gardens and floral designs for its striking spherical blooms. In Australia, it's especially favoured for springtime events and weddings due to its long vase life and vibrant colours. A fun fact about the Allium is that despite their beautiful and ornamental appearance, they are closely related to the everyday culinary onions and garlic, with some varieties being edible and used to add flavour in cooking.

Colour Range: Alliums are known for their striking colours, which include various shades of green paired with purple or burgundy, as well as standalone hues like lilac and purple.

Australian Seasonal Availability: These flowers bloom in the Australian summer, offering a seasonal pop of colour to gardens and floral arrangements during this time.

Australian Wedding and Event Season Availability: Given their summer availability, Alliums are perfect for summer weddings and events, providing a bold and architectural statement.

Commercially Grown in Australia: Alliums are commercially grown in Australia, taking advantage of the warm climate during their blooming season.

Imported into Australia: While they are grown locally, certain varieties may also be imported to ensure a diverse selection year-round.

Buying Tips: Choose Alliums when at least half of the blooms on the cluster have opened for the best display of their beauty and to ensure a longer vase life.

Design Tips and Advice: Due to their tall and spherical shape, Alliums are excellent as large focal flowers. They are particularly effective in presentation bunches, large-scale arrangements, and vase displays where their height and structure can be fully appreciated.

Flower Maturity: For best results, select flowers that have reached the appropriate bloom stage as indicated in the buying tips.

Expected Vase Life: Alliums can maintain their appeal for up to 2 weeks with proper care.

Typical Stem Length: These flowers come on impressively long stems, which can reach up to 2 meters, making them stand out in any arrangement.

Typical Bunch Size: Bunches are typically composed of 5 stems.

Floral Preservatives: Use fresh flower food to extend vase life.

Ethylene Sensitivity: Alliums are highly sensitive to ethylene, which can cause premature wilting.

Temperature Requirements: Keep at a cool 2–4 °C for storage.

Avoiding Problems: Handle with care to avoid damage to the large and intricate flower heads.

Cooling and Cool Rooms: Store in a cool environment at the recommended temperature.

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