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The Essential Guide To The Celosia

The Essential Guide To The Celosia

The Essential Guide To The Celosia

Botanical Name: Celosia spp.

Common Name: Celosia, Cockscomb, Woolflowers, Brain Celosia

General Knowledge: Celosia originates from the warm regions of Africa and is cherished globally for its vividly coloured plumes that are often used in both fresh and dried floral arrangements. In traditional medicine, parts of the plant have been utilised to treat various ailments, demonstrating its versatility beyond ornamental use. A fun fact about Celosia is that the name comes from the Greek word 'kelos', meaning burned; aptly reflecting the flame-like appearance of its flowers.

Colour Range: Celosia comes in a vibrant array of colours including red, yellow, pink, orange, and sometimes even multi-coloured varieties.

Australian Seasonal Availability: In Australia, Celosia typically blooms from late summer through autumn, with availability often extending into the early winter months.

Australian Wedding and Event Season Availability: This flower is popular for spring and summer weddings and events due to its bright, cheery appearance and versatility in arrangements.

Commercially Grown in Australia: Celosia is cultivated commercially in Australia, given its popularity for vibrant summer displays.

Imported into Australia: Due to its local availability, Celosia is usually not imported, particularly when it is in season.

Buying Tips: When selecting Celosia, choose flower heads that are fully matured with vibrant colours and healthy, deep green leaves. Avoid any signs of browning or damage to prevent Botrytis, a common fungal issue.

Design Tips and Advice: As a focal and transitional flower, Celosia excels in providing texture and colour. The cockscomb variety is particularly striking as a centrepiece. Great for adding interest to bouquets and arrangements, Celosia pairs well with other summer blooms.

Flower Maturity: Select Celosia when the flower heads are full, and colours are bright for maximum shelf life and customer enjoyment.

Expected Vase Life: Celosia has a good vase life, ranging from 7 to 12 days, depending on care and handling.

Typical Stem Length: Stems vary in length from 30 cm to a lengthy 70 cm, offering flexibility for various design heights.

Typical Bunch Size: The number of stems per bunch can vary, but bunches are generally full to create substantial arrangements.

Floral Preservatives: A low-percentage sugar solution can extend vase life; ensure it contains a good germicide.

Ethylene Sensitivity: Varies depending on species and cultivar. It's important to note the specific needs of the type you have.

Temperature Requirements: Short-term cool storage at 2-4 °C may be used, but generally, room temperature with good air circulation is ideal.

Avoiding Problems: Prompt removal of leaves, which wilt before flowers, and avoidance of moisture on blooms can prevent Botrytis. Ensure proper airflow around the flowers.

Cooling and Cool Rooms: Only recommended for very short periods to prevent cold damage.

Hydration and Vase Solutions: Change the water and solution frequently to reduce bacteria and extend vase life.

Care of Ethylene Sensitive Products: Monitor the ethylene sensitivity for the particular type of Celosia and keep it away from fruits and other ethylene producers if necessary.

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