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Unique Twists on Classic Christmas Decorations

Unique Twists on Classic Christmas Decorations

Unique Twists on Classic Christmas Decorations

Transform your home this festive season with simple and creative Christmas decoration ideas. There are many ways to deck the halls, the fire place and even the front door if you are getting bored of the classic Christmas lights and decorations that you bring out every year as they can start to lose some of the Christmas cheer that they once brought.

Impress your guests this Christmas by giving your old Christmas decorations a well-needed makeover. These simple ideas will inspire you to create beautiful and unique designs that you can display every December from the front door to the backyard alfresco.

Christmas Wreaths
Christmas Wreaths

Why not dare to be different and update your traditional green Christmas wreath with a red bow this year. There are many different designs and ideas, including wreaths made out of jingle bells, wreaths with a berry or pine cone design, or even Australian gumnut wreaths with a natural or glitter Christmas effect.

If you already have a wreath and do not want to get a new one, you can wrap battery-powered outdoor Christmas lights around the wreath to give it a second life. Be sure to tuck the wire and battery pack into the branches of your wreath to hide them.

If you want to go beyond the traditional door-hanging Christmas wreath, there are many smaller sizes that can be used as part of you indoor Christmas decorations. A simple yet beautiful idea is to put the wreath on a table and place a candle holder in the centre of the wreath. Make sure that you use a safe candle holder or use an LED candle for safety reasons! We have a wide variety of flameless candles to choose from that give the same effect as real candles. At the same time, you can’t go past beautiful fragrance candles that make the room truly smell like Christmas! At Koch & Co, we have a wide variety of fragrance candles that are perfect for the holiday season. Small Christmas wreaths also make pretty napkin and candle rings for the big Christmas lunch.

Christmas Garlands

Like Christmas wreaths, garlands can be given an upgrade with some extra Christmas decorations. Make the traditional staircase bannister wrap a point of difference in your home. Use Christmas tree lights wrapped with ribbons for a simple and elegant design. This can add a pop of colour and create a magical walk up to your bedrooms in the evenings.

For a more personal touch, you could hang the Christmas cards you receive from family and friends on the garland. Use a paper punch to create a small hole and thread your ribbon through. Then simply tie the ribbon to the garland and let the card hang down. This not only looks beautiful but it saves much needed room on your tabletops and fireplace mantel for more decorations.

If you don’t have an indoor staircase, there are other ways you can use garlands as part of your Christmas decorations, such as around internal doorways and along your fireplace.

The weather in Australia at Christmas is warm and sunny, so a white Christmas celebration is out of the question. On the other hand, time is spent outside at this time of year which creates a great outdoor decorating opportunity.

Christmas garlands make excellent outdoor decorations as they can be wrapped around pool fence railings, balconies and can even be hung above the front door. Used in conjunction with LED Christmas lights, they look beautiful and festive day or night.

Christmas Flower Bouquets

Accessorise your Christmas decorations with Christmas flowers. Used in combination with ornaments, wreaths and garlands, they will add beauty and class to your decorations. There are also many artificial flower bouquets that themselves can be a central focus and also look incredible at Christmas time. Whether placed on a side table or as a focal point in the kitchen, an everyday bouquet of artificial flowers can be transformed into a fantastic Christmas feature. We love accentuating these bouquets with decorative stones and putting them in the best large indoor floor vases Australia has to offer!

Pair red and white flowers with Christmas baubles, sprigs of holly or mistletoe and place them in a large vase. Wrap the vase with a large Christmas ribbon bow or even wrap tinsel around the base, and add in some decorative stones to the base of the vase. Artificial flower bouquets also look very festive and are long-lasting, meaning you can bring them out each Christmas alongside your Christmas tree and Christmas lights.

Feeling inspired? You can find everything you need to recreate these Christmas decorations at Koch & Co. We ship all of our decorative stones, wreaths, and large indoor floor vases Australia-wide.

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