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What are Florist Bowls and Guards?

What are Florist Bowls and Guards?

What are Florist Bowls and Guards?

Working with Florist Bowls & Guards

Ever wondered how florists put together lasting and robust floral arrangements? How they never seem to fall apart, come out of place, seem to have an almost never ending water supply? Its true that talent and experience does come in to place here. However, even the most sophisticated real and fake flower arrangements need a good base, and that’s where the use of bowls and guards come in.

Floristry bowls are made of a strong injection moulded plastic that is specifically designed to hold floral foam in place. The deep lip allows for a reservoir of water which ensures the foam stays wet for longer and they come in a variety of sizes that fit commercially available boxes and pots. Square or round containers are not a problem, as there are bowls in both shapes to allow for a perfect fit. With the additions of a guard, the foam is prevented from moving around when the arrangement is in transit which in turn means minimal damage to flowers and foliage.

There are instances when a bowl can be used without a guard. This generally occurs when additional floral foam is required, in which case it would be secured with pot tape instead.

To fit the floral foam to the floral bowl, first you will need to soak it. You can find out how to soak floral foam here (soaking link here). Taking a long knife, cut a brick to the desired length. Place foam in the bowl. You can then cover the foam with the guard and click in the four surrounding tabs into the slots.

What type of floral bowls and guards do I need?

Trying to decide what type of bowl and guard, or floristry dish is right for your project can be tricky. Below, we have listed seven types with their sizes and uses.

No 5 Florist Bowl & Guard

Use a round bowl for cylindrical arrangements.

Size – No. 5 Bowl 12.5Dx2.5cmH
Colour – White
Floral Foam Size – No 5 cylinder
Uses – Round bowl arrangements, table centerpieces, casket sprays and to sit on the top of cylindrical vases and pots.

No 6 Flower Bowl & Guard and Executive Bowl & Guard with Rectangular Base

There are a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all your different needs.

Sizes –  No 6 – 17Dx5.5cmH, Executive – 23Dx6.5cmH.
Colour – Black
Floral Foam Size – No 6 – 1/3 brick Executive – 2/3 brick
Uses: Round bowl arrangements, table centerpieces, casket sprays and other sympathy flowers.

 No 6 Bowl & Guard and No 7 Bowl & Guard with Round Base 

Bowls can also fit into more economical containers such as posie boxes.

Sizes – No 6 – 16.5Dx5.5cmH, No 7 – 18.3Dx6cmH
Colour – Black
Floral Foam Size – No 6 – 1/3 brick, No 7 – 1/2 brick Fits –
No 6 – No 6 Posy Box, Medium Posy Box (with insert), Round Nova Planter Basket No 7 – Large posy box (with insert)

Supreme Bowl & Guard

Maximize your use of space with a larger supreme bowl & guard.

Sizes –  22D x 7cmH
Colour – Black
Floral Foam Size – 1/2 brick
Fits – Large posy box

Square Bowl & Guard (Round Edge)

Bowls also come in square bases to fit on square vases.

Sizes – 20x20x6.5cmH
Colour – Black
Floral Foam Size – 1/2 brick
Uses: Bowl arrangements, table centerpieces. Designed to fit on the top of square pots, vases and other containers.
Can also fit a  large posy box when used with paper or tissue lining.

Square Flower Bowl & Guard

Large posie boxes also work well with square bowls & guards.

Sizes – 20x20x6.5cmH
Colour – Black 

Floral Foam Size – 1/2 brick
Fits – Large posy box when used with paper or tissue lining.

Deep Designer Bowl and Guard

Use a deep bowl to provide a larger water reservoir.Sizes – Small- 16.5Dx6.5cmH, Medium –  19.5Dx7.5cmH

Colour – Black
Floral Foam Size – Small – 1/3 brick Medium 1/2
Uses – Deep boxes or containers (particularly urns). Those with flowers that require a larger water source.

A good foundation for a professional looking arrangement starts with the right supplies. When using floral foam, many florists and craftspeople turn to bowls and guards to ensure security of their flowers. With this guide, choosing the right combination is easy. So what are you waiting for? Go get creative!

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