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What does each colour rose mean? An easy guide

What does each colour rose mean? An easy guide

What does each colour rose mean? An easy guide

When we think of roses we immediately think of love and appreciation. However, each rose colour differs slightly, creating a multitude of occasions in which roses can be used from weddings to funerals. So, what does each colour rose mean ?

Below is a brief summary of eight rose colour meanings to help guide you when choosing your next bouquet or arrangement. Additionally, you can also apply this guide to silk and fresh flowers.

What does each colour rose mean?

What does each colour rose mean?

Red Roses

Rich in colour and deeply rooted in history as the flower that represents love, red roses are the most popular choice especially on Valentine’s Day. A red rosebud also has its own meaning – youthful love, innocence and fresh. At Koch, we offer 40cm and 50cm red roses with head sizes that range from 3-5cm – ideal for a bouquet of red roses of any size.

Dark Pink

Pink roses are often just as popular as the red rose for their connotation of grace and elegance and are the flower of sweet thoughts and delightfulness. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude are seen in many bridal bouquets, as well as Mother’s Day and Thank You arrangements.

Light Pink

Associated with gentleness and admiration, light pink roses lets the receiver know that they are a pleasure to behold – an indication of joy. Light pink roses can also be used to express sympathy, say thank you and be a part of wedding flowers.

Lavender Roses

Due to its rarity, a lavender rose conveys mystery, enchantment and love at first sight. And with purple being associated with royalty, there is an underlying and subtle meaning of majesty and splendour. Bouquets and arrangements with lavender roses give a visually stunning and memorable impression and is equally suitable for Mother’s Day as it is for expressions of gratitude.


An Orange rose signifies the link between friendship and love. They can be an expression of fascination for when you’re besotted by someone, or to say ‘I’m proud of you.’ Brilliant in colour, orange roses convey meanings of new beginnings, enthusiasm, as well as an open declaration of desire.


The bright nature of yellow makes these roses excellent for cheering people up and celebrating friendship. This colour depicts joy and platonic love as a constant rejuvenation of spirit. In saying that, birthdays, graduations and new beginnings are the perfect occasions for yellow roses. Sometimes, yellow roses can also mean farewell or good luck.

White Roses

White roses are traditionally known for their association to purity, virtue and the pureness of a new love. Many bridal bouquets often feature white roses because of this meaning. White roses are also associated with honour and reverence, which makes them a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.


Pale peach roses gracefully celebrate the closing of an event or deal, thus signifying harmony, peace and sincerity. Because of their delicate appeal, they portray modesty and elegance. When used, they send a message of warmth and sincere thoughts. Their subtle yet pleasing colour is also used to express sympathy and thankfulness, or to show how much you miss a dear friend.

Roses by the Numbers

Single Rose – You are the one, love at first sight

2 Roses – Deeply in love with each other

3 Roses – I love you

6 Roses – I want to be yours

9 Roses – An eternal love

10 Roses – You are perfect

12 Roses – Be mine

13 Roses – Secret admirer

24 Roses – Can’t stop thinking about you

40 Roses – My love for you is genuine

50 Roses – Unconditional love

99 Roses – I’ll love you till the day I die

100 Roses – Total devotion, harmoniously together till death or a hundred years

999 Roses – Everlasting and eternal love

So, if you ever ask yourself “what does each rose colour mean?” think back to this easy guide. The abundance of rose varieties, colours and numbers to mix and match with makes them an easy choice no matter the occasion. Select from our range of fresh roses and artificial roses to send the perfect message .

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