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What is Candle Sand Wax & How Do I Use It?

What is Candle Sand Wax & How Do I Use It?

What is Candle Sand Wax & How Do I Use It?

Candle Sand or Candle Sand Wax provides an easy-to-use alternative to traditional candles. Featuring the warm glow of natural candlelight, Candle Sand is an inexpensive and reusable option, especially for event professionals.

Candle Sand has a granular sand-like consistency, and as such, can be poured into any kind of container. Simply pour, then insert the wick for instant candlelit ambience.

How to use Candle Sand

  1. Pour your Candle Sand into a clean container suitable for use as a candle holder. The diameter of this vessel should measure 6cm or more. For heat-resistant containers, a diameter of 5cm or more is suitable.
  2. Insert wick into sand, allowing 1cm of wick to sit above the surface.
  3. When the candle is no longer needed, extinguish the flame. After cooling, remove the wick and the now-hardened pool of wax. Dispose of wick and hardened wax in general waste.
  4. Pour the remaining unmelted sand into the original packaging or an airtight container, to re-use in future.
pouring candle sand into a vase

What are the benefits of using Candle Sand?

  • Financial: By reusing unmelted Candle Sand after burning, events professionals no longer face the same costs associated with the wastage of ‘unusable’ half-melted candles. Unlike traditional wax candles, reused Candle Sand appears brand new, every time.
  • Environmental: For event professionals, the Candle Sand recycling cycle significantly minimises the amount of candle waste destined for landfills (when compared to the waste associated with the use of traditional candles in the event industry).
  • Versatility: Due to its granular, sand-like nature, Candle Sand can be poured into any shape of vessel. Use our Candle Sand to fill any container with ease, whether it’s a tealight candle holder or a large fishbowl vase.
pillar candles of candle sand

What kind of vessels can I pour Candle Sand into?

  • For best results, pour Candle Sand into a heatproof container.
  • If not using a heatproof vessel, ensure there is a 3cm wide radius around the wick for safe use. Improper use may result in unsafe burning, and damage to your vessel or table surface.
  • In cases where a heat-resistant vessel is used, our Candle Sand is safe to use with a container that measures as little as 5cm in diameter.
tea candle candle sand

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