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What Is OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife?

What Is OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife?

What Is OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife?

Smithers-Oasis the manufacturer of Oasis floral foam have developed the world’s first Biodegradable Foam called OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife.

One of the florist industries most eagerly awaited OASIS® product is biodegradable floral foam! You can now create arrangements that will biodegrade and you can consciously dispose of floral foam knowing it will biodegrade.

So how does biodegradable floral foam work?

Oasis has added to their traditional manufacturing process a new ingredient that can actively attract the microbes present in landfill conditions. This then leads the foam to break down into methane, CO2 and organic matter.

Maxlife has been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standards (ASTM) and the results show it biodegrades 51.5 percent within 365 days in biologically active landfill conditions.

What are the main features of OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife?

Firstly it performs in the exact same way as traditional OASIS® Floral Foam with only one difference – it’s brown! Typical product qualities are:

  • Soaks quickly
  • Absorbs water well
  • Reasonable density to help stem grip
  • Flowers stay fresh

Is OASIS® Bio Floral Foam Maxlife available in other shapes?

Not as yet. Smithers-Oasis will have the following shapes available soon:

  • 41cm Ring
  • 33cm Heart
  • Florette Grande
  • Florette Petite

Smithers-Oasis have also been busy developing a new product called NatureBase®. This new type of oasis plastic base is biodegradable – so now your whole design can biodegrade!

What is Oasis Nature Base®?

  • Nature Base® bases have the look, feel and performance of plastic but are biodegradable!
  • Not actually plastic at all. The bases are formed from naturally occurring fibres extracted from wood similar to bamboo pots and shapes.
  • Watertight, rigid and durable.
  • There will also be the OASIS® Nature Base® Deco with Strings available. The base will fit a standard foam brick and can support a small funeral arrangement.

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