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What is Waterproof Pot Tape?

Working with Waterproof Pot Tape

As a florist or designer, you know that your tool-kit is not complete without pot tape.  A dependable little item that is always handy to have around, anchor tape, as it is also known, will secure floral foam to to a huge variety of containers. The thing that sets this tape apart from others, is that is can be used in wet conditions. These easy to use tapes are perfect for professional and hobby florists alike and helps to provide a secure base in which to start your arrangement.

What is pot tape?

Pot tape is a cloth based, plastic covered, green adhesive tape that is used by people to assist in a variety of tasks. The main benefit of this tape it that its adhesion is not compromised by water and it will not damage or leave a sticky residue once removed.

This tape is available in 25 meter lengths and in two widths, 12mm and 6mm. The use of either widths is generally because of personal preference, and often many florists interchange them. As a general rule however, the smaller the surface area of the floral foam, the thinner the tape.

In floristry, it is primarily used to anchor wet floral foam to either decorative or utility containers.  Many commercially available vessels come with a guardcage or net to secure the foam within them. However due to the design size of the arrangement or the level of security needed,  sometimes these are not suitable, in which case pot tape offers an appropriate, versatile alternative.

Like parafilm, pot tape can be used to bunch flowers together. This can be done by simply winding the tape around the stems or covering the existing binding so that it is not as conspicuous. Pot tape is green, so it will generally blend with the colour of the flower stems. Due to it’s strength, this tape may be used instead of parafilm if stems are particularly robust or woody.

How do I use pot tape?

Even though pot tape is waterproof, it is important to clean and dry the surface that it is to be adhered to.
To use this tape, simply place soaked floral foam within the container. Stick one end of the tape to the rim , then crossing over the foam, ensuring the tape is kept taught, adhere the other end to the corresponding rim. If the floral foam brick you are using is small, you may make a cross pattern (see above image) over the foam in which case you may wish to use the thinner 6mm tape. If the arrangement is larger and you are using a few bricks, you may wish to create a parallel pattern ( see below) or a mixture of both in the wider 12mm tape.

Pot tape in a parallel pattern

Pot tape used in a parallel pattern.

Part of making a beautiful arrangement, is insuring it lasts beautifully. Securing floral foam properly and securely in a container ensures that damage to flowers and foliage is minimised. There is no danger of them falling out, or tipping  out of the container and you are not left red-faced trying to explain to the customer why they received broken stems. A good base is the first step to good floristry and pot tape helps to ensure that – apart from your talent of course!

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