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Why Not Promote Flowers All Year Round

Why Not Promote Flowers All Year Round

Why Not Promote Flowers All Year Round

The more we are able to promote fresh flowers and increase the awareness and consumption of flowers, the more we strengthen the florist industry.

We have many well known flower events in the industry such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, but we may have to look outside the square and see what other events and industries we can align our floral efforts to.

This always includes the Wedding and Funeral industry, but can also include the Racing, Interior Design and Real Estate industries as well.

The Spring Racing Carnival season is full of fashion, events and colour that provide any florist with opportunities to parade their floral talents. Anything related to property needs flowers to brighten up the look and feel of a home, business or office. Interior designers are incorporating more and more floral designs in their scope of works these days. Real Estate agents love to have beautiful fresh flowers at open houses and gift them to successful new home buyers.

So line your marketing and seasonal sales promotions with more than just the traditional flower events every year.

Specific annual events

  • Australia Day – January each year
  • Chinese New Year – falls between January to February each year
  • International Women’s Day – falls on 8th March each year
  • St Patricks Day – falls on 17th march each year
  • Siblings Day – falls on 10th of April each year
  • Earth Day – falls on 22nd April each year
  • Secretary Day – end of April
  • Easter – falls between March and April each year
  • Australian Flower Week – which is a recent initiative and runs during September each year
  • Melbourne Cup Day – Early November each year
  • Halloween – falls on 31st October each year
  • Christmas – 25th December

Nonspecific annual events

Wedding Season

Wedding Season usually is strongest through October to March the following year. Brides are usually booking in 3 to 6 months prior to this.

Real Property Busy Periods

The best time to approach Real Estate Agents and arrange any promotional activity would be pre-peak auction periods which run from February to May and September to mid-December.

Typically new houses and building projects are completed to be in line with best Real Estate selling periods, so approach Interior Designers prior to this.

Why Not Promote Flowers All Year Round 2

These are only some of the reasons we inspire consumers to buy flowers. But we know that every week of the year is a good week to buy flowers, so why not plan a new campaign every week!

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