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Fibreglass FAQ

Can I purchase single fibreglass urns and pedestals or must I purchase a set? 

All fibreglass urns and pedestals are sold separately. You can also match them as a set.

How do I know which urns and pedestals match?

Please refer to the chart below. Image 1 is for weathered ivory urns and pedestals. Image 2 is for metallic and gloss finished urns and pedestals.

Are the urns and pedestals waterproof?


How much weight can be placed on the pedestals?

Firstly, ensure whatever is placed on your pedestal is balanced and will not fall. We recommend about 12Kg.

Can your fibreglass urns and pedestals be placed outside?

Although they have been designed for indoor decoration, weddings and events, they can also be placed outside. But the colour may fade over time due to weather conditions. Fibreglass may also become brittle over time.

Are the urns and pedestals heavy?

Not at all. The pedestals are hollow, yet sturdy. The urns are light and good for event and wedding coordinators who need to move these around frequently.

My fibreglass urns and pedestals have scratches and marks. What can I do to repair them?

We suggest you use Design Master Sprays to refresh the enternal finish.

It says "pick up only" as delivery on your site, why?

Our fibreglass urns and pedestals are packed well in individual cartons and protective wrapping. Please pick up, or arrange your own transport. If you would like Koch to transport, you must advise us and accept in writing that no claims for credit can be made.

Can I get fibreglass urns and pedestals in customised colours?

Yes. Please give us a Pantone colour, choice of matte or gloss finish and we can order these. Minimum order is 10 pieces and take approximately 8 weeks after order confirmation and deposit.