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An Overview to Design Master Sprays

An Overview to Design Master Sprays

An Overview to Design Master Sprays

Design Master has been the preferred choice for creative professionals over the last 50 years

Florists, decorators and artists turn to this US made paint above any other. It dries quickly, offers unlimited colour combinations and superior coverage without applying a thick coat of paint.

Design Master Sprays (DMS) are more durable than similar paints, as they are a modified lacquer based product. This means that when you apply two or more coats, the layers bond together instead of sitting on top of one another. This allows you to have complete control. The brand is environment conscious, and you can access a safety data sheet by clicking on each individual product.

Why is it the preferred choice for creative professionals?

Because you are able to blend, tint, tone and shade colours!

One layer provides a translucent coverage, while 2-3 coats provides a solid colour. You can also create new colours by layering one on top of the other.

With over 50 colours to choose from, Design Master creates an opportunity for unlimited combinations.

View the Design Master website for a guide to single & multiple coats.

Basic Techniques

Standard - spraying item at advised distances (on every can)

Mist - lightly dust the surface with colour holding the spray further away than normal.

Highlight - spray the edges of an item to add definition.

Blend - creating interesting combinations by layering 2 or more colours.

What surfaces can I use Design Master Sprays on?

  • concrete
  • craft foam
  • styrofoam
  • polystyrene
  • fabrics
  • board
  • ribbon
  • dried flowers
  • artificial flowers
  • foliage & plants
  • fresh flowers
  • gift wrap
  • glass
  • metals
  • wood
  • wicker
  • cane
  • paper crafts
  • papier mache
  • plaster
  • gypsum
  • plastic
  • pottery
  • terracotta
  • ceramic
  • rattan
  • stone

 Remember to always test spray for compatibility and desired effect.

Design Master Colour Chart

Available in a large variety of colours and finishes, Master Spray Paints are an incredibly practical tool to help bring your vision to life. With solid colours, texturesmetallic, glossy and glitter spray paints, there are plenty of paints to choose from. For ideas and simple instructions for using DMS, click here.

Just a sample of the large variety of colours and finishes available. View the complete range here and at Design Master.

What are the main features and benefits of COLORTOOL® Sprays?

  • Ultra-fine mist spray
  • Smooth application
  • Dries fast
  • Clean solid colour
  • Pigmented lacquer based spray
  • Has a satin sheen when dry
  • One coat will give a translucent finish
  • Multiple coats will deepen the colour and coverage (2 or 3 coats for full colour coverage)
  • Easy to combine colours
  • Spray nozzles do not clog
  • Suitable for many surfaces
  • Easy to recoat sprayed surfaces
  • Suitable to spray fresh flowers and delicate items
  • Suitable to spray Poly Styrofoam

What are the characteristics of the main Design Master Spray collections?

Design master have a wonderful suite of spray paints suitable for the needs of any designer or crafter alike. Here are some reasons why everyone loves Design Master Sprays.

The main stay of the collection is COLORTOOL® Sprays which have over 50 on trend and metallic hue colours in the range. This spray is versatile and fast drying with an ultra-fine smooth mist spray application. Delicate enough for spraying fresh flowers and also combining for colour overlays. Certainly all the colours for designers and crafters are covered.

Another Popular spray collection in the Design Master series is COLORTOOL® Metal colour sprays. This range of spray paints has 4 unique real life metal colours that will apply smoothly to most surfaces, even fresh flowers and polystyrene. Antique Gold, Brilliant Gold, Brilliant Silver and Copper are colours celebrated at a variety of different occasions.

If you need more than a satin sheen finish, then Design Master Glossy Sprays will do the job. Glossy sprays are available in 4 basic vibrant colours of Glossy White, Glossy Black, Glossy red and Glossy Easel Green. This lacquer based spray offers a durable high gloss finish. The classic vibrant colours dry fast and are easy to recoat. Glossy sprays are hard wearing and often used to refurbish metal event and display stands.

Premium Metals Design Master Sprays have unique properties and finishes. Champagne Gold, Super Silver, 24KT Pure Gold, Rose Gold and 14KT Gold offer consistent quick cover, have a bright reflective colour and smooth platting finish. Whilst Gold Medal, Platinum and Bronze apply with a thicker cover, dry with a semi-gloss sheen and a durable scratch resistant finish. Very popular for wedding and events

Do you need more metal colours; well Modern Metal Design Master Sprays take metal sprays to a new level. The range has 5 exciting on trend colours namely Champagne Silver, Copper Fusion, Gold Lumina, Metallic Taupe, Black Chrome. These versatile paints have special features. The spray is a durable coating that will not rub off, does not need primer or topcoat and will dry to a satin finish. Design Master Modern Metals are specifically well suited for spraying glass.

There are many glitter sprays in the market, but non like Design Master Glitter Sprays. Available in two popular Glitter Silver and Glitter gold spray colours. The best features about this glitter spray is that will adhere to most surfaces, sensitive for spraying on artificial and fresh flowers & foliage and can be used on washable fabrics. It dries fast, is acid free and can be cleaned up by using soap and water. Embellish with sparkle and glitter for all seasonal occasions.

What is Design Master TintIT™ Spray? TintIT is a translucent dye that dries to a satin finish, is sheer, acid free and non-toxic when dry. This unique spray offers endless design opportunities. TintIT™ is available in eight bright sheers and two special effect hues and will tint almost any surface. Its main features are that it will tint wood, dye fabrics, tint glass and ceramic and is safe on all types of paper.

You can apply the colours on raw or pre-painted surfaces and it is sheer enough not to hide the underlying details of the surface and additional coats will deepen the colour.
You can layer it, blend it and tint many surfaces. It is especially affective on white surfaces. Very easy to use and create variegated, spritz and highlighted finishes.
This spray is very effective on paper, chipboard, canvas and Styrofoam surfaces. A cool feature is that it will not curl the paper once applied.
TintIT is one of the best sprays for dying fresh flowers and is also very effective for dying artificial flowers and fabrics.
A great spray for tinting colours on glass flower vases and ceramic pots.

Design Master Wood Tone spray is a high quality translucent lacquer based spray in three classic wooden hues that leaves a wood tone finish.

This transparent spray is suitable for hard surfaces, dries quick and is mostly used as an antique glaze to tone down base colours. Several coats will reveal a glossy stain finish.

ColorTEX™ Sprays are almost like magic. Use these sprays to add a texture three dimensional contrasting finish to any hard surface. It dries to a scratch resistant matte finish after 30 minutes and can be handled after 6 hours. This is a water based acid free and archival safe spray. Add a coat of Design Master clear finish for extra durability and moisture protection. Recommended for interior use.

Finally a game changer with 12 new trend setting Design Master Ubermatte® Spray paint colours. Ubermatte® Design Master Spray paint is a rich smooth pigmented lacquer based spray that dries fast to an ultra-matte flat sheen. This spray has a vertical spray tip which ensures fast coverage without waste. Ubermatte® Spray has strong adhesion and has hard wearing scratch resistant properties.

It provides complete coverage after 1 to 2 coats, can be recoated at any time and is compatible with all Design Master Sprays. Use any of Ubermatte® 12 new sprays colours to transform old surfaces back to new. This spray works well on Styrofoam™, glass vases as well as fresh flowers. An important note is that Ubermatte® is a heavily pigmented paint and leaves a painted finish on fresh flowers rather than a transparent finish like the other Design Master sprays. Ubermatte® is a product that can really change and transform all your floral, DIY and craft projects.

So Design Master have all your spray paint needs covered Whether you are a professional designer, crafter or DIY expert, you can rest assure Design Master is the product for you.

What does Design Master Spray contain?

All Design Master Sprays contain acetone, isopropyl alcohol, isobutyl acetate and glycol ether which are non-toxic when dry (however it is recommended to use a well ventilated area). There are no CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) propellants contained within the can which is good news for the ozone layer - it won't harm it! The cans themselves are made from 25% recyclable materials. So whether you are a creative professional or a hobbyist, Design Master Sprays are for you. And if you're still unclear about anything with DMS products, click the simple FAQ sheet here.

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Article first published in May 2013 and updated in June 2020

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