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All About Design Master Sprays

All About Design Master Sprays


  • Taking the time to buy healthy plants will ensure the plant lasts longer.
  • Read your plants care label and become aware of what it needs as every plant is different. 
  • Keep your plant away from strong draughts and artificial heat.
  • Don’t overwater your plants. A ‘cup of kindness’ kills more plants than any other element.
  • Putting your plant out in the rain can help dissolve the salts and other minerals found in hard tap water.
  • Regularly remove any dead leaves or flowers from your plant.
  • Using leaf shine sprays can help protect your plant from disease.
  • Outdoor plant pots will need drainage holes and a pot plate to catch the excess water.
  • Some indoor plant pots will have an internal water well step to lift the pot and prevent root rot.

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