Design Master Spray Paint FAQ

1. Why is Design Master Spray different from other spray paints?

A fast drying spray delivers a consistent colour in an ultra-fine mist. The ultra-fine mist provides colour coverage without a thick coat of paint or excessive spray dust. 

Design Master has lacquer-based products that allows you to control the blend, tint, tone and shade colours.  Being lacquer-based means that when you add more coats they bond together.

2. On what surfaces can I spray Design Master?

- Fresh, silk and dried flowers
- Permanent floral materials 
- Wood, wicker and natural materials
- Terracotta, pottery and plaster
- Ribbons, lace and fabrics
- Polystyrene, styrofoam and foam board
- Paper and papier mache
- Glass, metal and certain plastics

NOTE: Always test-spray to assure compatibility and desired results.

3. Can I use Design Master on fresh flowers?

Yes. The spray paint is delicate and versatile enough to colour fresh flowers, as well as materials used by professional florists and crafters.

4. Are Colourtool Sprays safe to spray on polystyrene or styrofoam?

Yes. The Colourtool Sprays, including the metallic hues will safely colour rigid open-cell styrofoam (except Premium Metal Colours). Excessive coats or not allowing each coat to dry completely will leave the surface too wet for too long, and could cause the foam to melt.

5. Why did my painted finish result in a dull whitish look?

Painting in direct sunlight, or on a hot, humid day will cause the spray’s solvent to dry too quickly, creating a dull whitish film. To rectify, simply re-spray the item at room temperature.

6. Can I apply a clear coat over metallic colour?

Metallic finishes tend to have metal particles in them that can wipe off onto your hand. Use a clear coat to prevent this.

7. Why is the spray not drying?

Most Design Master Sprays dry fast. If the surface is not dry within 30-60 minutes, you are experiencing an incompatibility between finishes. 

8. Why does metallic spray not work on my terracotta pot?

 Terracotta pots often have an invisible film of mould.  You may need to give the pots a quick scrub in soapy water. Alternatively, spray Mess Master over the pot and wipe. Allow the pot to dry thoroughly before re-spraying.

9. Are Design Master Sprays toxic?

All Design Master Sprays are non-toxic when dry.  Be sure to apply the sprays in a well-ventilated area and follow the directions on the label.

10. Are Design Master Sprays harmful to the environment?

Design Master sprays do not contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) propellants and will not harm the ozone layer. 

11. Recycling? 

Design Master cans consist of at least 25 percent recycled materials. 

12. Is it flammable and what is the hazardous goods classification?

Yes, it's flammable and is classified 2.1.