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Design Master Spray Paint FAQ

Why is Design Master Spray different from other spray paints?

A fast drying spray delivers a consistent colour in an ultra-fine mist. The ultra-fine mist provides colour coverage without a thick coat of paint or excessive spray dust. 

Design Master has lacquer-based products that allows you to control the blend, tint, tone and shade colours.  Being lacquer-based means that when you add more coats they bond together.

On what surfaces can I spray Design Master?
  • Fresh flowers
  • Silk flowers
  • Dried flowers
  • Permanent floral materials 
  • Wood
  • Wicker, cane, rattan and natural materials
  • Terracotta, pottery, ceramic
  • Plaster and gypsum
  • Ribbons, lace and fabrics
  • Polystyrene, Styrofoam™ and foam board
  • Paper and papier mache
  • Hard surfaces like glass, metal and certain plastics

NOTE: Always test-spray to assure compatibility and desired results.

What are the main features and benefits of DESIGN MASTER COLORTOOL Sprays paints?
  • Unmatched versatility
  • Delicate enough for spraying fresh flowers
  • Fast drying
  • Ultra-fine mist
  • Unique delivery nozzle
  • Modified lacquer based spray which re-solubilize previous layers of paint to create a stronger bond
  • Great colour coverage without requiring a thick coat
  • Durable application of colour
  • Can be blended, tinted toned and shaded
What are the different DESIGN MASTER Spray products available?
- Design Master COLORTOOL® sprays are pigmented, semi-opaque (several coats to get full coverage) and fresh flower friendly. More than 50 on trend colours hues and metallic finishes.
- Design Master COLORTOOL® Metal colour sprays consist of 4 unique real life metal colours that will apply smoothly to most surfaces.
- Design Master COLORTOOL® Glossy Sprays are available in 4 basic vibrant colours and are lacquer based spray paints that have a durable high gloss finish. The classic vibrant colours dry fast and are easy to recoat.
- Design Master COLORTOOL® Premium Metals Sprays have unique properties and finishes. Some colours have a bright reflective colour and smooth platting finish whilst others apply with a thicker cover, dry with a semi-gloss sheen and a durable scratch resistant finish. 
- Design Master COLORTOOL® Modern Metal Sprays are versatile paints that offer a durable coating that will not rub off, does not need primer or topcoat and will dry to a satin finish.
- Design Master COLORTOOL® Glitter Sprays adhere to most surfaces, sensitive for spraying on artificial and fresh flowers & foliage and can be used on washable fabrics. It dries fast, is acid free and can be cleaned up by using soap and water.
- TintIT Design Master Spray is a rich and vibrant transparent sheer fast drying spray paint that will retain the accents of the surface it is covering. Great for tinting and layering of colours.
- Just For Flowers® is a transparent flower dye in a spray form that adheres well and dries fast. Best suited to fresh flowers, artificial flowers and dried flowers.
- Design Master MESS MASTER is solvent spray used to clean up overspray and excess paint on your skin. Start by using soap and water to remove as much over spray as you can. Then use Mess Master Spray on a paper towel to wipe off any remain excess from your skin. Wash your skin after the solvent has dried. Acetone and lacquer thinners can also be used for clean-up of over spray. 
- Design Master Primer is used to prepare surfaces for spraying. It will help make paint adhere better and provide better paint coverage for a better top coat. Primer is best used on porous and uneven surfaces as well as when changing a colour from dark to light.
- Design Master Wood Tone spray is a high quality translucent lacquer based spray in three classic wooden hues that leaves a wood tone finish.
- ColorTEX™ Sprays add a texture three dimensional contrasting finish to any hard surface.
- Ubermatte® Design Master Spray paint is a rich smooth pigmented lacquer based spray that dries fast to an ultra-matte flat sheen. Ubermatte® Spray has strong adhesion and has hard wearing scratch resistant properties. It provides complete coverage after 1 to 2 coats.


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