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All You Need To Know About Strass ® Floral Foam


Strass ® floral foam has been developed in Asia by leading floral foam chemical engineers. Koch & Co have been selling Strass in Australia since 1998 and covers a broad range of floral foam products. Strass® floral foam is known for it’s quality of water absorption, water retention, PH level control, consistent colour and foam density.

Water Absorption


Strass ® floral foam has a fine open-cell structure, which allows the flow of fluids through its pore spaces within 60 seconds and holds approximately 1.8L-2.0L of water per brick. This feature increases flowers’ ability to absorb water up to the stems (capillary action) and help keep flowers fresh, last longer and from wilting prematurely. 

Water Retention


Water retention is one of Strass ® floral foam’s strongest features. It holds over 40 times its weight in water, with low leakage. Strass floral foam has extra-holding power to keep stems securely in any angle and feeds water to the flowers.

pH Controlled


Strass ® floral foam is manufactured at a controlled pH level of seven, which is most suitable for fresh cut flowers. A pH balance could prevent the stem from burns and maximises the life span of flowers. 

Foam Colour


Strass ® floral foam is designed and made to maintain the freshness of the green colour. Other foam products may change to a moss green/brownish shade due to ageing and UV exposure.

Continuous Foaming Method


Strass ® floral foam uses the continuous foaming method, instead of the traditional block foaming method, which guarantees consistency in quality.


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