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3 Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas

3 Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas

3 Christmas Table Centrepiece Ideas

Make decorating for an event in your home or at a venue a piece of cake with the help of some candlelit illumination. In this blog, we’ll share some simple tips on how to style dinner candles for different occasions.


Taper candles are a great choice for weddings. Use their classic design to build elegant ambience in your event space.  

  1. For round tables at a reception, try an array of staggered dinner and pillar candles in the middle of the table. Glass candle holders are a popular choice, as they work well with most wedding aesthetics. 
  2. For long tables, try an elegant runner or garland, dotted with dinner taper candles.
  3. For a more luxurious tablescape, substitute candle holders with larger dinner candle candelabras. 
dinner candles wedding decor

Dinner Parties

Dinner parties can take a wide range of forms. Some dinner parties are celebrated around a charcuterie board on the coffee table, and some feature a formal three-course meal. Whatever your style of entertaining, the addition of some trendy bent candles can bring a sense of whimsical fun and occasion to any space.

Bent squiggle candles are an inexpensive DIY project for which you’ll need candles, hot water, a sink/bowl, and a knife. 

Koch tip: When selecting dinner candles to bend, we recommend staying away from soy, ribbed, and painted candles. Traditional dyed or white paraffin dinner candles tend to work best. We recommend our Signature Taper Dinner Candles, Fleur Dinner Candles, and our Taper Dinner Candles.

bendy french blue dinner candles

How To Make Bent Squiggle Candles:  

  1. Fill your bowl or plugged sink with warm water, enough to fully submerge your candles. 
  2. Place your candles into the hot water and let them sit for 15-20 minutes. A slightly lower temperature for longer works better. Excessively hot water will melt the candle and compromise the smooth finish.
  3. Once soft, with your candles still submerged in the water, use small and gentle movements to mould each candle into your desired shape. Be aware, if your candle is not soft enough, do not force it, as it will likely snap.
  4. Once you have your desired shape, remove the candle from the water and support it with your hands while it resolidifies.
  5. If your bent candles won’t sit up by themselves, use your knife to create a flat surface at the candle’s base. 

Safety tip: When displaying your bent candles, always be sure to use a candle plate or tray so that no surface is damaged by the melting candle.

Anniversary Dinners   

Taper candles are synonymous with a romantic candlelit dinner, so they’re a surefire way to add a little extra somethin’ when celebrating anniversaries with your significant other. 

  1. For a minimal tablescape, source a matching set of holders to hold two lone dinner candles. Additionally, scatter rose petals around the table and floor. Optional: Serve spaghetti and meatballs for a beautiful night á la Lady and the Tramp. 
  2. Alternatively, place a few taper candles in the centre of the table. Stagger the different heights and sizes of candles, taking care not to obscure the eye line.  
  3. To go for the extra ‘wow’ factor, litter the floor around your dinner table with pillar candles of varying sizes. When the candles are lit and the lights are dimmed, the glistening light of the candles will create a distinctly romantic mood. Take care to provide a candle-safe container for each candle and set the scene in a space that won’t get drafty.    
anniversary tablescape


There’s nothing quite like a candlelit Christmas. See below for ideas on how to use taper candles to create a cozy, yet elegant holiday atmosphere.    

  1. Decorate your dining table with a table runner. For your table runner, try a mesh roll, traditional fabric, or even a preserved moss mat. Place a Christmas garland on top to unify your Christmas decor theme. To complete the look, scatter  taper candles in candle holders of staggered heights.  
  2. For a more extravagant taper candle display, try a large central candelabra
  3. Decorate your lounge room with taper candles on your coffee table, credenza, or mantlepiece. Traditional door wreaths or festive garlands make great centrepieces for any lounge room surface. For a simple candlelit decoration, fill the empty central cavity of a wreath or fill the gaps in a garland with dinner candles in candleholders of varying heights.  To create a more minimalistic effect, substitute the wreath or garland with a mirrored candle plate or serving board. If a maximalist approach is more your style, add Christmas ornaments, tree decorations, or artificial berry sprays.
dinner xmas candles

With this guide, we hope you feel equipped to dress up any space for any occasion with the help of dinner taper candles.

For more detailed information about candleholders, read our Candle Holders & Decoration Buying Guide and for a guide to our dripless dinner candles, check out our Dinner Candles FAQ Page. 

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