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8 Tips For Florists To Navigate Through Covid-19

8 Tips For Florists To Navigate Through Covid-19

8 Tips For Florists To Navigate Through Covid-19

By now we all know what havoc Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic is having on the florist industry and Australian economy.

I am hearing that some florist have never been busier whilst others are struggling. Australia relies on flower imports which are not getting into the country very easily and if they are, the prices are very high. Local growers are giving the market as much as they can and the florists are using this supply.

The Government has stepped in to support the economy both on a health front and economic stimulus. But many things are still a little confusing on this front.

So what comes next? Who really knows!under

What we do know is what we have in front of us, our business. So what should we be doing to survive in business under the Covid-19 cloud?

1. Above all, are you practising sensible Covid-19 practises?

By now everyone has been well versed on all the hygiene steps and social distancing. What to do in public places and where you can go or should be at any time. DO IT and DO IT NOW. This is not a rehearsal

2. What has happened to your revenue?

Is your revenue down, up or flat? In any case, you need to do your best and worst forecast and understand how to manage this. Remember, CASH WILL BE KING.

3. Are you managing your operational costs and are they under control?

You know your costs and you manage these daily. Know them BETTER THAN EVER. Now is the time to understand what costs you really need and what you can do without. Cancel, postpone and defer. This is the golden rule.

4. Are you looking after yourself and your staff?

You need to keep good staff. Understand what the new HR laws are and how they relate to your staff. We all have families to feed.

5. Do you need government support?

The Australian Government has put up many initiatives to help businesses. Some may suit you. If you can not understand it yourself, head to your accountant in a hurry.

6. How can your customers buy from you?

There are many ways to get sales moving. Social media campaigns, your website and click and collect at your store. Make your website hum and the phones ring.

7. Can you get stock?

Forecast your needs and make sure you can get hold of fresh cut flowers and florist supplies. Mother’s Day WILL happen and you can take advantage of this fantastic flower selling period. Organise delivery drivers in advance.

8. How far should you or can you plan for?

This is a tough one as no one knows what is around the corner. Plan a week ahead and for the month ahead. This seems to be working for many.

Although many of these tips are obvious, use this list as a check list of what to do to make your business run best during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Good luck and stay safe & well.

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