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A Guide On How To Use Acrylic Water In Artificial Flower Arrangements

A Guide On How To Use Acrylic Water In Artificial Flower Arrangements

A Guide On How To Use Acrylic Water In Artificial Flower Arrangements


  • This simple accessory can help add the final touch to your home décor or wedding displays.
  • Most vase fillers have more than one use and can be used for Wedding centrepieces, special occasion decorations, home décor, and DIY projects.
  • A great example of their versatility is how Acrylic Rocks can be also be scattered on event tables as subtle decorative accents.
  • Unlike other artificial vase fillers, Aqua Gel Beads can be used for hydrating fresh flowers.

Looking for something different to put in the bottom of your vase? Vase fillers are a versatile product that can help turn an ordinary arrangement into something extraordinary. This simple accessory can help add the final touch to your home décor or wedding centrepieces.

But with such a wide selection of vase filler rocks, shells, pebbles, and sand to choose from; how do you know which product is right for your project? This simple buying guide will help explain the different varieties of vase fillers, what they are best suited for, and how they can be used.

1. Acrylic Pearls

Best used for: Wedding or Special Occasion Centrepieces

Acrylic Pearls might not be real pearls, but they are just as beautiful. These elegant fillers are generally available in classic white or Ivory shades and are not to be confused with pearl beads that can be threaded onto string.

How to use:

No matter the occasion, acrylic pearls always look stunning in glass vases. You can pair them with fresh or artificial flowers at your next wedding or special event to create charming centrepieces. Alternatively, you can arrange them in a candle holder with some LED tealights and glass stones or river pebbles for a whimsical and magical effect. The best vases to pair with acrylic pearls are decorative glass vases, fishbowl vases, cylinder glass vases, or square glass vases.

Pearl Vase Fillers

2. Acrylic rocks

Best used for: Special Occasion & Corporate Centrepieces, or Scattered Table Décor

Acrylic rocks are made from high-quality acrylic and come in plastic diamonds and crystal shapes. Because they are made from solid acrylic, they have a glass-like finish and are completely waterproof. The most popular colour of acrylic rocks is the classic clear style; however, they are also available in a variety of different colours including red and blue.

How to use:

These plastic gems add an instant look of natural glamour and appeal. Acrylic vase fillers can be used to create amazing wedding centrepieces and corporate flower arrangements. Another great use for them is that they can also be scattered on event tables as a subtle decorative accent. The best vases to pair acrylic rocks with are cylinder glass vases, hurricane vases, square glass vases, or martini vases.

3. Aqua Gel Beads

Best used for: Party Centrepieces & Decorations

Aqua gel beads, or hydrogel pearls, are jelly balls that grow as they absorb water, making them a unique and beautiful vase filler. After soaking them in water for eight to ten hours, each bead will expand to about one centimetre in diameter. After they are activated, they can be used for hydrating fresh flowers and making a variety of fun looks.

How to use:

Aqua gel beads are great for anyone looking to create something new and interesting. A vibrant option compared to other vase fillers; aqua gel beads can help add a pop of colour to your party decorations and centrepieces. Aqua gel beads can be clear or come in a variety of bright colours, including red, pink, orange, green, blue, and purple.

To create a stunning display, you can mix and match aqua gel beads with acrylic pearls and glass marbles. Incorporating waterproof LED lights and candles are also a great way to illuminate and accentuate the colours of the gel beads. The best vases to pair with aqua gel beads are fishbowl vases, cylinder glass vases, and square glass vases. To show off their full effect, you should avoid using coloured vases as these tinted shades may clash with the aqua gel beads colour.

Aqua Gel Beads

4. Coloured Sand

Best used for: DIY Projects, Terrariums, Special Occasion Centrepieces & Ceremonies

Providing an effortless and stylish design, coloured sand is a highly versatile vase filler that comes in both fine and coarse grain sizes. Available in a wide range of colours; decorative sand can be used for nearly any occasion or project.

How to use:

When using decorative coloured sand do not be afraid to experiment and get creative. You can use coloured sand in candle displays for style and also added candle safety. Coloured sand also looks great in terrariums and artificial flower arrangements. For a unique decorative piece, try layering multiple colours of coloured sand in a clear mason jar and add in artificial succulents to create a mini terrarium.

Coloured sand is also perfect for performing sand ceremonies at Weddings. Designed to express the coming together of two people or two families, sand ceremonies are a beautiful and meaningful addition to any wedding. By pouring two different coloured grains of sand into one glass vase or jar, you’ll be creating memories you can cherish for many years to come.

Any style of vase will suit this product; however, clear glass vases allow you to view its colours and textures more vividly.

Coloured Sand

5. Glass Stones

Best used for: Special Occasion Centrepieces or Home Décor

Whether it is for a wedding, special occasion, or for your home décor; glass stones instantly complement what is around them. Our glass vase fillers come in two styles, including frosted glass beach rocks and fine glass sand. Beach rocks are large pieces of unpolished natural glass without sharp edges. They are great for making a statement and adding volume to your arrangement. Glass sand is fine grains of unpolished glass that can add more subtle texture to your display than ordinary sand.

How to use:

When it comes to using glass stones, there are no rules. You can use them in DIY projects, to accentuate your candles or as vase fillers. Glass stones come in a variety of colours, including cobalt blue, pink, clear and more.

For a show-stopping centrepiece, you can try pairing glass stones with a hurricane vase and a beautiful flower bouquet. Do not be afraid to mix and match your colours. If you prefer an elegant look, opt for soft pastel colours like pink. For something a little more vibrant, choose bold and brilliant colours like cobalt blue.

If you want to get creative with your floral displays, pair your glass stones with some coloured pebbles. Available in even more colours, and with slightly different textures, the coloured pebbles will add a unique contrast. The best vases to pair glass stones with are hurricane vases, cylinder glass vases, fishbowl vases, and decorative glass vases.

Glass stones

6. Glass Pebbles

Best used for: Special Occasion Centrepieces, Home Décor, Terrariums, or DIY Projects

Glass pebbles are an incredibly beautiful option for a vase filler. These polished pebbles of glass have a glossy finish that catches the light and sparkles. They effortlessly add a touch of colour to any floral arrangement or display. Our glass pebbles are available in large and mini sizes and come in a range of colours, such as black, blue, green, peach and many more.

How to use:

Our decorative glass pebbles can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them in your DIY projects, for things like glass mosaic pieces and DIY jewellery. You can create dazzling centrepieces and Terrariums by combining them with hurricane vases or glass terrarium bowls. This versatile product can also be used to weigh down plastic vases and support your floral arrangements if you are decorating large indoor floor vases for a special event. For added effect, try mixing and matching glass pebbles with other vase fillers, including river pebbles, coloured sand, or shells. The best vases to pair with glass pebbles are hurricane vases, terrariums, cylinder glass vases, fishbowl vases, mason jars, and decorative glass vases.

Glass Pebbles

7. Glass Marbles

Best used for: Special Occasion Centrepieces or Home Décor

Glass marbles work beautifully as decorations and are sure to impress no matter the occasion. Available in black, white, or clear marbles; they are perfect for modern vases, glass jars and everything in-between.

How to use:

For your home décor, wedding reception or next event, these decorative marbles are great for filling tall glass vases. When these filler beads catch the light, they will give off reflections that will make your floral displays shimmer and sparkle. But if you are looking to add more colour to your display, try mixing clear glass marbles with acrylic pearls or glass pebbles to create a timeless look.

With the smallest marble at 14mm and the largest marble at 15mm, you can also use our glass marbles in slender glass bud vases. Try adding in a single stem flower and you have a gorgeous, yet simple, floral arrangement. The best vases to pair with glass pebbles are glass bud vases, cylinder glass vases, square glass vases, fishbowl vases, and decorative glass vases.

Glass Marbles

8. River Pebbles

Best used for: Terrariums, DIY Projects, or Home Decor

River pebbles can be an elegant way to decorate indoor and outdoor events or rustic home décor. We stock a great range of river pebbles, from mini assorted pebbles, too large black polished pebbles, to make sure you can find what you are looking for. All our decorative river pebbles are polished and available in several different shades.

How to use:

These decorative stones give off a relaxing vibe and are perfect for any occasion or DIY project. Because of the versatility of these decorative pebbles, they can be used in vases or as features for your landscaping and gardening projects.

For smaller projects, you can use our river rock pebbles to decorate your potted plants, square glass vases, water features or terrariums. You can also create eye-catching candle displays for your next event. Simply fill the bottom of a hurricane vase with some decorative stones and add a pillar candle in the centre.

The best vases to pair with river pebbles are square glass vases, fishbowl vases, hurricane vases, mason jars, and terrariums.

River Pebbles

9. Shells

Best used for: Beach-themed Home Décor, DIY Projects, Location Wedding Centrepieces

What is beached themed décor without shells? We stock an array of assorted seashells for all your seaside and beach themed parties, events, and decorations. In our collection, we have both crushed and whole shells, including scallops, sea urchins, cockle shells and more.

How to use:

Shells make for great fillers and decorations in glass vases, especially when they’re paired with artificial floral arrangements or fresh flowers.

You can create unique shell decorations for your next special event by using seashells and mason jars. Simply fill the mason jars with sand, seashells, river pebbles and LED candles. You can also try combining them with acrylic pearls for a more high-end look. Then scatter the mason jars around your event space to help create atmosphere when the sun sets.

The best vases to pair with shell fillers are Mason jars, square glass vases, and fishbowl vases.

Shell Vase Fillers

10. Coloured Pebbles

Best used for: Terrariums, DIY Projects, or Home Decor

If you are looking for something new to use as a vase filler, coloured pebbles look amazing by themselves, or combined with flowers and other decorations. They effortlessly add texture, depth and colour to your artificial floral arrangements or fresh flower displays. Our coloured pebbles are available in various shades and colours, including lilac, gold, silver, white and more.

How to use:

Coloured pebbles have a great look and texture, which means that they can be used for so many different projects. They are beautiful when they are used as vase fillers, make a striking accent in candle holders, and can add an extra element to your terrariums.

You can also incorporate these decorative pebbles into any outdoor or indoor water feature, as their colour won’t bleed when immersed in water. They are best used in fishbowl glass vases, terrariums, square glass vases, and glass bud vases.

Coloured Pebbles

Overall, when it comes to vase fillers, don’t be afraid to get creative with your decoration and styling ideas. For more helpful information about glass vases, read our other Koch Blog How To Choose The Right Vase Shape for Your Flowers. Also, check-out our helpful Art Glass FAQ and Glass Fish Bowl FAQ pages.

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