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All About Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon

All About Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon

All About Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon

Available in a range of vibrant pastel hues, our rPET Cotton Ribbon range is the perfect sustainable, eco-friendly packaging option for your next bouquet or gift-wrapping design. In this helpful guide, you will learn about our range of Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbons and how they can help you minimise your environmental footprint.

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What is rPET material? 

rPET is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) and cotton fibres.

What is recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon made from? 

We manufacture our rPET Cotton Ribbons using 100% recycled plastic bottles and new cotton fibres.

How is recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon made?

The production process involves collecting post-consumer plastic bottles, cleaning and processing them into a resin. Then, our manufacturers blend this resin with cotton fibres to create a composite material.

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How is rPET Cotton Ribbon environmentally friendly? 

The environmental benefits of Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon are significant. By utilising recycled materials, this product range helps reduce the demand for virgin resources. It thus minimises the environmental impact associated with traditional plastic production. 

How does recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon reduce the carbon footprint? 

The carbon footprint of the manufacturing process for recycled materials generally requires less energy when compared to the manufacturing process of products made from virgin resources.

Is rPET Cotton Ribbon sustainable, and can it be recycled? 

We manufacture our sustainable rPET Cotton Ribbon range from 100% recycled rPET. However, as a composite of cotton and recycled rPET, this product range is unfortunately not recyclable.

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Can I upcycle rPET Cotton Ribbon?

Upcycle our rPET ribbon range by creatively repurposing used ribbons into new products. When you reuse ribbon in craft, holiday decor, and gifting projects, you extend its usability and reduce waste.

Is rPET Cotton Ribbon real cotton ribbon? 

Our rPET Cotton Ribbon range is a cotton blend product. Though it is not pure cotton, the inclusion of cotton lends a distinctly cotton-like feel and texture to this sustainable ribbon collection.

How does rPET cotton ribbon feel and wear?

The blend of rPET and cotton fibres enhances the ribbon’s properties, combining the strength and durability of rPET with the natural and soft feel of cotton. It thus follows that this range exhibits high-quality craftsmanship, softness, and a pleasing thickness, making it suitable for various applications.

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Does rPET Cotton Ribbon crease and crush?

rPET Cotton Ribbon maintains its shape well, providing a polished and professional appearance. Its resilience against creasing ensures that it stays crisp and presentable even after handling or packaging, thus making it a reliable choice for decorative and functional purposes.

In summary, Recycled rPET Cotton Ribbon is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional ribbons. Its production from recycled materials contributes to a reduced carbon footprint, and its recyclability and potential for upcycling align with sustainability goals. The inclusion of cotton fibres enhances its properties, making it a versatile, soft, and durable ribbon suitable for various applications. Use this product in conjunction with other eco-friendly products like Get It Fresh Floral Wraps & Bags, or Floral Wool Bricks for a more sustainable approach to floristry.

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