Christmas Tree Buying Guide

We all love to own a beautiful Christmas tree for our home, office or place of work.

But there are so many choices on the market. How do I buy the best Christmas trees online?

Which Christmas tree is the best quality or value for money? There are several handy tips you should know when buying a Christmas tree.

Not every tree is the same and the quality will depend on the detail.

  1. Firstly, check the height. How tall do you want your Christmas tree to be? If you have tall ceilings, you may want a tall Christmas tree. Christmas trees usually range from about 180cm (6 foot) up to 230cm tall (7.5 foot) and price will be determined by height.
  1. Secondly, what is the diameter of the Christmas tree? This is the measurement of the base of the Christmas tree or the bottom of the cone shape. This measurement is very important as it will determine how much space you need when you set the tree up. Some trees are made to be narrow and others are very wide. Usual measurements range from 95cm (3 foot 2”) diameter to 120cm (4 foot) diameter. The most common size is around 100cm (3 foot 4”)
  1. Thirdly, what is the greenery made out of and how realistic is it? This is one of the most important points about a Christmas tree as this will play a major role in the price of the tree. The more realistic the greenery, usually means the higher the price.
What is the greenery made out of and how realistic is it?

What is the greenery made out of and how realistic is it?

  1. Fourthly, how many tips of greenery are on the tree. If the tree is very sparse, you will find it has less tips. The range of tips you will find will also depend on the size of the tree. This range is 350 to 1350 with the most common number of tips being about 450 on an economically priced 180cm tree. Once you set up the Christmas tree, fashion each branch and all the tips so the tree looks full and fluffy.
  1. Fifth, does the tree have any additional features such as snow, glitter or built-in LED lights? All these features will add to the price of your Christmas tree.
Does the tree have any additional features, such as built-in LED lights?

Does the tree have any additional features, such as built-in LED lights?

  1. Sixth,are the arms (branches) collapsible or do you need to attach every component of the tree one at a time? This can be time consuming.
  1. Seventh, does the tree come in a strong reusable box to make storage easy for year after year use?
  1. Last, but not least, what are the legs and pole made of? These need to be sturdy and assemble easily.
What are the legs and pole made of?

What are the legs and pole made of?

There are many variations of Christmas decorations from snowy white and silver, natural and homely, traditional red and green, gold shimmer and many more. Some of us like to see the tree decorated very rich and detailed, and others like a minimal trendy look. So please consider the points relating to the structure of the tree very carefully as you will probably decorate your Christmas tree with many baubles and hanging decorations which add extra weight.

Remember, each year we put our trees away and come back in 12 months to put it back out, so these tips will help you save time and money.

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