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Homemade Floral Inspiration

Homemade Floral Inspiration

Homemade Floral Inspiration

Not all flower arrangements have to use heavy glassware, or posie boxes as their base. Consider using acrylic pots as an alternative that are light weight, economical & come in a range of shapes, colours & sizes. In this arrangement, we have used a combination of a cylinder acrylic pot with aspidistra leaf ribbon. Aspidistra leaf ribbon has a natural look and is a versatile addition that can be used to add depth and contrast in your arrangement.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Tools and Materials

Polyvase Container
Flowers (We are using roses)
Foliage leaves (Camelia leaf)
Aspidistra leaf (available in pre-cut strips or roll)
Floral foam brick (Dry or wet depending on your choice of artificial or fresh flowers)
Florist Wire

How To

Step 1 First, insert the aspidistra leaf into the polyvase container and wrap around the inside of the container. Use some tape on the overlap to secure the leaf in place.

Step 2 Cut your floral foam brick to size. Use dry foam for artificials and wet for fresh flowers.

Step 3 Next, we will prepare each section of the arrangement. To create the aspidistra loops, simply cut a few lengths of the leaf. To create the different widths, tear the ribbon from one end to the other. It is designed to tear easily. Then, pinch both ends together to create a loop. Wrap the ends with florist wire to provide a stem for the loop.

Step 4 As well as the loops of aspidistra, we have also used thin strips. Simply tear a thin strip of the aspidistra leaf and cut the end off at an angle. Tie the other end with florist wire to pin into the floral foam.

Use florist wire to create aspidistra loops & strips

Use florist wire to create aspidistra loops & strips

Step 5 Separate your roses & foliage leaves. Trim the rose stems so that they are ready to be placed into the arrangement.

Step 6 Now that you have prepared all your components, begin inserting them into the floral foam. Start with the roses from the bottom and work your way up. Fill in any gaps with the aspidistra loops, camelia leaf & aspidistra strips. Arrange the flowers to create a balanced arrangement that can be viewed at any angle.

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