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How Can Sustainability Grow Within The Floristry Industry?


  • Sustainability is about people, planet, and profit.
  • Eco-conscious consumers are driving florists to deliver more sustainable products.
  • Florists can struggle with being eco-friendly within demanding work environments.
  • Florists may not have control over their supply chain that may use environmentally harmful techniques.
  • Florists can become more sustainable by engaging with their workforce and supply chain in a manner that fosters employee well-being and future potential.

Sustainability is an increasingly hot topic among many industry leaders. Unfortunately, over time, the floristry industry has become complacent and taken the easy path of commerce; ignoring their sustainable responsibilities and future. But in recent years, a new wave of enthusiasm has risen to help tackle this issue step by step.

What has changed in floristry to make us more environmentally conscious?

Basically, the mentality of eco-conscious consumers is driving florists to deliver more sustainable products. Consumers are now looking for florists that can help them commit to reducing their environmental footprint. However, this is not as easy to do as one may think.

Eco-conscious consumers are driving florists to deliver more sustainable products.

What does sustainability even mean?

Sustainability is about people, planet, and profit and has three principles; economic, social and environment. In other words, we look at sustainability as what mankind does to ensure natural resources do not run out. And to make sure an environmental balance continues to maintain a better quality of life socially, environmentally, and economically. 

When it comes to being more sustainable, sadly a professional florist can be torn between two worlds. For example, fresh-cut flowers have a very short life and eco-friendly actions may be compromised to deliver the desired floral design in demanding timeframes. When it comes to these types of situations, this is where the florist community need to find a balance between sustainability and making a living. 

This is not always easy to keep in mind as florists may also not have control of their supply chains. In these cases, florists can buy flowers that are harvested from farms that may not use the most sustainable techniques to deliver their final product. Sometimes they may have to use products that are not biodegradable or easily recyclable to keep their designs waterproof and lasting longer. These products may include floral foam, which helps shape, hydrate, and hold a florist’s designs together.

What can a florist do to improve their contribution to a sustainable florist community?

Although a florist cannot control all the elements used in their everyday florist life, they can actively make sure they’re engaging with their workforce and supply chain in a manner that fosters employee well-being and future potential in the florist community.

Florists can foster employee well-being and future potential in the florist community.

To become more eco-friendly, florists can take the following steps:

  • Aiming for a higher percentage of their products to be eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable. 
  • Ensuring environmentally efficient transportation of flowers to the marketplace.
  • Best practices of the use of chemicals within the supply chain of flowers.
  • Optimum use of natural resources such as water and land to produce flowers.
  • Local and clean uses of energy to power cool rooms etc.
  • Support cost-effective supply chain initiatives.
  • Manage waste in an environmentally effective manner – meaning you should consider this in your buying and supply chain process.
  • Analysing if workers conditions are at the best practice levels.
  • Are only buying products from companies where workers rights and working conditions have been upheld and respected.
  • Are actively aware and accepting of their responsibility to the consumer.
  • Reinvest in employee and consumer education.
  • And finally, reinvest their profits soundly to help the florist community and benefit human nature in the future.

Many florists are already on track to becoming very environmentally conscious and should instil this belief in all those around them. It is a long road to travel, but one that needs to be tackled as a united community. 

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