How to inspire creativity in your flower shop

How To Inspire Creativity In Your Flower Shop

Even the best of creative florists have to look long at hard at their store to lift creativity so as to appeal and entice the customer. So what can you do to inspire more creativity?

You may wish to consider some of these ideas:

  • Match your shop décor to your floristry style. If your arrangements are modern, you may consider ensuring your store gives a modern look in line with the products you make and sell.
  • Try reorganising your store by moving things around. Just the challenge of this will push your creativity to its limits.
  • Housekeeping can help creativity. If your work space is tidy and uncluttered, you give yourself space to think clearly and pepper those creative juices.
  • You or your staff may have other creative interests that you can use it in our floral designing. You may paint, craft or even sing. All these creative talents can help and should be shared.
  • Take a photo of creative work you have made and share this with all the team. This can often stimulate new creative avenues.
  • Challenge your team to come up with new ideas. You’ve got nothing to lose if you give your floral designers a brief and ask them to create. This also adds a different edge to your team and creative environment.

Creativity is not something that you can buy or plan. It is practised and learnt along the way. Never stop challenging your creativity!

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