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Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids - Gift & Craft Blog

Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids - Gift & Craft Blog

Non-Chocolate Easter Gifts for Kids - Gift & Craft Blog

Healthy Easter Gifts for Kids

Regardless of how you celebrate Easter, one thing is certain – ‘tis the season for lots of chocolate. But what happens when you and your children can’t eat it? Whether an allergy or self-imposed dietary restriction (never easy!) is keeping you from stocking up on chocolate eggs, Easter can be a tough time for temptation.

If your Easter is going to be a non-chocolate one, there are plenty of alternatives to ensure that your child can still participate in the festivities and enjoy the holiday with the rest of their family and friends, happily and healthily.

Teddy Bears and Bunnies

Firstly, there are tons of adorable Easter plush toys and cute teddy bears for sale around Easter time which is perfect as treasure for an Easter hunt with a difference. Hide a series of clues around the house or garden leading to a hidden bunny soft toy or teddy bear, snuggled in an Easter basket – it’s great fun and puts the emphasis on the chase, and away from chocolate. Plus they’re cute and cuddly, they last infinitely longer than chocolate, and make a meaningful gift.

We’ve put together a board of some of our favourite soft toys below to inspire some gifting ideas.

Easter Toy Gifts

Easter Toys Reference: 1/ Easter Toys 2/ Harry 3/ Sally in Blue 4/ Cottontail Bunnies 5/ Freddy

Teddy Bears For Sale Modern vs Traditional

Sweet Treats

Another option keeps along the edible path – making your own sweet treats. For those with dietary issues such as gluten or lactose intolerance, sweet treats that they can actually eat are a really special touch. Trying to keep things healthy? Protein baking is a huge trend at the moment – protein balls (you can even roll them to look like eggs) and brownies made with different flavours of protein powder are a great substitute and look even better when wrapped up beautifully – why not stick to the Easter theme and arrange your treats into an Easter egg basket? Alternatively, coloured plastic eggs are a great way of still allowing your child to be involved in games such as Easter egg hunts. These brightly coloured eggs come apart so that your favourite treats can be added, without your little one feeling excluded from the festivities.

Getting Crafty

For non-chocolate Easter gifts that won’t disappoint, sometime straying from the edible could be a better idea. In Australia, Easter usually falls around – or within – school holidays. Instead of chocolate eggs, what about giving your child a craft kit? Include paints, glue and some ideas for a few projects that can be executed throughout the school holidays. Not only does this fill up those two weeks a little bit quicker, but gives you and your child a chance to get your hands dirty and create something amazing together. Or give children toys, such as a great new game or picture book that they can play with – for newborns, soft baby toys provide fun and excitement. Look for pastel coloured toys or Easter theme’s and create a new tradition for the family. Happy Easter from Koch & Co!

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