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Our New GET IT FRESH™ S Wrap Has Arrived!

Our New GET IT FRESH™ S Wrap Has Arrived!

Our New GET IT FRESH™ S Wrap Has Arrived!

In Australia, single-use plastics are on their way out. Though this is a positive change for the environment, these measures are having an impact on Australian businesses, both big and small. In an effort to replace plastic packaging, there has been a boom in both innovative and affordable sustainable kraft products to wrap and pack with. Strong and durable, kraft paper is a hero of this new wave of packaging products. Read below for more information about kraft paper as well as our expanding range of kraft-related products that will help your business on its way to a more sustainable packaging future.

What makes Kraft an Eco-friendly option? 

Kraft is a speckled brown paper that is synonymous with sustainable packaging. Stronger than regular paper and more sustainable to make, kraft is featured in many sustainable packaging solutions. Regular paper is made from the pulp of a specific range of tree species, yet kraft is made from the pulp of any type of wood. It can be recycled up to seven times, which means that kraft paper can also be made from recycled materials. Read below for more information on our recycled kraft packaging products.  

Paper Bags  

Paper bags are on an upward trajectory, now more than ever with the ban on lightweight plastic bags in NSW. This means that businesses in NSW must only have paper bags or some variation of fabric bags. The presence of plastic bags has been completely banned. At Koch & Co., we have an extensive range of paper bags for all requirements. Choose from a range of colours, finishes, patterns, and handle types at wholesale prices. In kraft bags, we offer kraft brown and white in both twist and flat handle varieties, in a number of sizes. 

Our kraft bags are suitable as gift packaging bags and also more functional carry bags. They pair especially well with sustainable gift-wrapping accessories like jute ribbon and kraft wrap. As a stronger paper material, kraft bags handle heavy items better than other paper bags do, and as such are not only reliable but reusable for longer.


Kraft Mailing Boxes  

Mailing boxes are essential for keeping your products and parcels both safe and attractively packaged. Our brown kraft mailing boxes are strong, lightweight, and easy to assemble.  

At Koch & Co., our range of kraft mailing boxes is available in black, white and kraft brown in A3, A4, and A5 sizes. We are currently developing this range to encompass more varieties. As such, we will be able to bring you the perfect box for whatever you might need to send, store, or package in a sustainable way. 

If you’re packaging delicate items such as fresh flowers and glassware, kraft mailing boxes work well. Use fillers like sustainable paper shred to insulate and also protect your items from bumps and bruises.  

Made of matte kraft cardboard, our mailing boxes take well to stickers, decals, pens, and other means for personalisation.

sustainable kraft mailing boxes

Kraft Paper Wrap  

At Koch & Co., we’ve taken steps to expand our sustainable range for your convenience. Kraft paper is recyclable, made from recycled materials, and is also biodegradable. Kraft paper has become so sophisticated that mills and paper sources are now certified by various organisations to ensure sustainable practices are being maintained.

Available in bulk sheets or by the roll, our sustainable kraft wrap products have a multitude of applications. Use sustainable kraft products to wrap, pack, package, and insulate your goods in the workplace and at home. Our colour range of kraft wrap is available not only in typical ‘kraft brown’, but also in white and black. Neutral and lightly textured, these wraps match well with any number of wraps and ribbons. In flower wrapping, layered pieces of differently coloured kraft not only help to develop a bouquet’s colour palette but also increase the physical strength of your wrapping. This can be a bonus for bouquets that might get a little tousled in the process of delivery.

white euro bio kraft paper sustainable packaging

Our kraft wrap range is made from 100% recycled material and is also biodegradable in nature. Within this range, our brown Recycled Kraft Paper 80gsm 5kg Pack has been a mainstay for many styles of floristry. From minimalist modern to rustic country, it’s not hard to adapt kraft to suit any branding aesthetic. Our new Euro Bio range of Kraft Paper is EU-made, 100% post recycled paper. Notably, it is available in two colour options: Euro Bio Kraft Paper 120gsm Pack 100 White and Euro Bio Kraft Paper 110gsm Pack 100 Brown.

Key features of our Euro Bio range include:
  • These biodegradable recycled wraps are PEFC certified. This means that they are certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. The PEFC promotes sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. 
  • An ISO 14001 certified Mill produces this Euro Bio range. ISO 14001 is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. 
  • These wraps have been checked and approved for their biodegradability according to the standards set by NEN 13432. NEN 13432 is a European standard that standardises compostable packaging. It defines how quickly and to what extent a biodegradable product must degrade under industrial composting conditions.

With all these certifications, you can rest assured that this new Euro Bio Kraft range is The Real McCoy.  

It’s clear that the world is turning away from single-use plastics and plastic packagings. Governments and individuals alike are seeking out more sustainable kraft products to wrap and pack with. As such, choices about packaging more than ever convey a business’ ethos and company conscience. Koch & Co. have observed these trends and changing laws and will continue to shift with the times and make it more convenient for your business to follow suit.

For more information, read our Koch Blog Our NEW Sustainable Packaging Solutions & Upcycling Ideas!, and How Can Sustainability Grow Within The Floristry Industry?. For sustainable bouquet hydration options check out Our New GET IT FRESH™ S Wrap Has Arrived! 

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