Support The Local Shopping Experience

Support The Local Shopping Experience

Small business is big business in Australia. The facts:

  • The small business segment of our economy employs over 40% of the workforce.
  • According to the Australian Small Business and Family Ombudsman (ASBEFO) the statistics show that about 97% off ALL businesses are in the “small business basket category”.
  • Small business accounts for over 30% of the country’s GDP. That is a serious contribution to our economy.

So it is easy to see from these simple facts that it pays to support your local business community.

Being a small business, although rewarding can be tough. Small business entrepreneurs are out there taking the risks to make a living and solve some sort of problem for their community. There is a strong ground swell from local communities to support and acknowledge this effort.

We can see the real life impact of the small businesses that are visible in our local community. The florist, butcher, café and many more add to our streetscape and life style in our community. Does your son deliver the papers or is your daughter learning to be a barista?

When we support these small local businesses, you can bet that up to half the money you spend stays in the local area through the local eco-system such as wages, local suppliers, sport and school sponsorships. As a florist, you can get amazing benefit and goodwill out of your local community and turn this into support for your business.

Today’s consumers are quite clear on the idea that the small business owners are the ones that have time to know you “the customer”. They want to have your feedback and do more to give you the best service and product as they possibly can. We know that most people love speaking to the owner of a business and getting their issues solved. It is also very rewarding to know that you did the flowers for one of your customers children’s wedding and their first corsage or even support them in time of grief with funeral flowers. It all stays with you and your business.

Word of mouth in the community goes beyond the sale and transaction of the day because small business goes over and beyond.

Support The Local Shopping Experience 2

I will never forget when we lived behind a small local convenience store (well before service stations sold milk) and we had a knock on the back door after we had closed. The lady standing at the door had her daughter perched in her arms and apologised for interrupting our dinner, but was desperately after one litre of milk. My dad did not hesitate to open up and get the milk for the customer. After the customer had left, I asked my dad, “why did you do that and did not tell her to go away as we are closed”. My dad replied in a very simple manner “I also have children”. I’m not sure you would get this sort of compassion from the staff at the large chain stores today.

It is not hard to see why there is a growing support for local business, what it stands for, the impact to your community and overall lifestyle. I have not yet met a florist who is not compassionate and understanding of their communities. All florist businesses can benefit from being engaged one step at a time.

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