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What is Parafilm Stem Wrap?

What is Parafilm Stem Wrap?

Working with Parafilm Stem Wrap

Have you ever wondered how professional floral designers get their beautiful bouquets and corsages looking so vibrant, secure and neat? The trick is in the use of florist wire and floral tape, also known as parafilm. Wiring and taping flowers help to keep the flower heads supported so that they can look fresh and enlivened for as long as possible. They can aid in lengthening stems to make the flowers work well in the arrangements. Floral taping also helps with camouflaging wires and moisture retention in the stems. Another useful trick for floral designers is grafting new stems to a stem that has a few blooms. The extra blooms are cut off and with the help of some wire and floral tape are given new stems so that floral designers can make use of all their flowers.

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