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What is Parafilm Stem Wrap?

Working with Parafilm Stem Wrap

Have you ever wondered how professional floral designers get their beautiful bouquets and corsages looking so vibrant, secure and neat? The trick is in the use of florist wire and floral tape, also known as parafilm. Wiring and taping flowers help to keep the flower heads supported so that they can look fresh and enlivened for as long as possible. They can aid in lengthening stems to make the flowers work well in the arrangements. Floral taping also helps with camouflaging wires and moisture retention in the stems. Another useful trick for floral designers is grafting new stems to a stem that has a few blooms. The extra blooms are cut off and with the help of some wire and floral tape are given new stems so that floral designers can make use of all their flowers.

What is Parafilm Stem Wrap?

Parafilm tape is a versatile, waterproof, thermoplastic, flexible and stretchable plastic paraffin film. It comes in a few forms and has a wide variety of uses across a number of fields including; floral, nursery and even medical. Parafilm ® florist stem wrap is a self-sealing tape and is excellent for adding the final touches to floral bouquets, corsages and other floral work and is exceptionally good for fresh or fake flower arrangements that require additional stretching and waterproofing. Able to stretch up to four times its length means less tape is required to get the desired look which makes the floral arrangement lighter and less-bulky. Superior waterproofing allows the flowers to retain more moisture to prolong the life of the arrangement as well as protecting water spillage onto the outer covering.

Be sure to stretch the parafilm wrap as you wind it to strengthen the seal

Be sure to stretch the parafilm wrap as you wind it to strengthen the seal

In floristry the Floratape ® original stem wrap is perfect for finishing floral arrangements be it wedding bouquets, corsages, silk or dried flowers. It is different to Parafilm florist stem wrap as it has a crepe paper base. It is great for covering wiring work and gives it a more polished and natural look. This tape is easy-to-use as it does not stick to your fingers and is able to adhere to itself or the flower stem when stretched over it. It’s colourfastness attribute makes working with damp or wet flowers a breeze. It comes in a wide variety of colours and widths to suit the designers floral work. In the nursery the Parafilm® grafting tape  is ideal for plant grafting and budding due to it’s ability to allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through the tape whilst simultaneously protecting the plant from moisture loss. It can be used on its own or over grafting rubber on the plant until the graft takes hold.

What are the features of Parafilm?

  • Natural stretch, so you use less tape.
  • When stretched, creates natural adhesion to itself and to flower stem
  • Does not stick to your fingers
  • Does not bleed or lose colour when wet
  • Creates a professional look with fine and smooth surface.
  • Available in a range of colours and widths.

Handy working tip: To keep the Parafilm from breaking  you should keep it warm, putting it in your pocket for a few minutes usually does the trick!

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