Think Creatively And Boost Your Business

Think Creatively And Boost Your Business

During our busy day we usually don’t stop to think creatively about our flower business.

You may wish to ask yourself some questions like:

  1. How does your staff blow off steam before during or outside of work?
    They may go for a walk, or they go to the gym, listen to music or even read a book. Create an atmosphere that support this.
  1. Does my staff have fun at work?
    Outside of the serious stuff we want our staff to do, we need to consider if they enjoy their job or even have fun at work. Manage time pressures and deadlines by preparing ahead and making the work space more relaxed and creative. Often failure needs to be embraced and dealt with creatively by understanding and mentoring rather than punishing.
  1. Do I really ask my staff for their input?
    You may be asking your staff for their feedback, but if you do not listen and analyse this, you may be missing some important ideas. By leveraging and collaborating with your staff, you can come up with more creative ideas than on your own. Sometimes it helps to have these brainstorming meetings away from your usual place of business.
  1. Do you choose your words carefully when speaking with customers?
    Take some time to listen to your staff and work out interesting and creative ways you can encourage your customers to keep coming back.
  1. How socially creative are you?
    Social media is exactly that, a media to be social. So be yourself and be creative socially. Be committed to your social networks by not only sending a business message. Customers love the behind the scenes or the “real you”, so think about what you are being social about. Show your new products and express your creativity in your social space.

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