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We went in, held on and will come out of Covid-19 a better Florist Industry & Community.

The ever flexible and sheer resilience of the florist community, growers, flower wholesalers, florist & their staff, florist educators, floral designers and even flower delivery drivers have taken Covid-19 head on.

After all the cancelations and postponed events, weddings and funerals as well as the complexity of Covid-19 safety, isolation and preparedness, the florist has blossomed.

Navigating safe deliveries, juggling cash-flow, loss of profits, staff and government directions, dealing with fresh flower availability both local and overseas. All this and more. But the passion of the florist industry has stayed true to the cause and met the challenge of this crisis.

Flowers have lead the way in sharing community spirit and well-being. Saying “Hi, hope your well. Just checking in on you”.

The daily dose of generosity, kindness and empathy that the florist community is serving up with a smile is something to be proud of. A skill that is not taught but learnt from their passion of flowers and floristry.

Letting customers, staff and friends know that the events and occasions missed WILL happen and the flowers will be there to make them beautiful.

Pouring out their thoughts through wonderful stories around their business, flowers and designs via social media. Connecting with their customers and followers.

Hitting the curve ball that has been thrown and reinvesting, reinventing and growing from this difficult crisis called corona virus.

All this reinforcement sends a message out to the community “we will get through this and out the other side”.

All this and more coming out of the florist industry is amazing to say the least.

The industry is using their corona virus time wisely by improving their stores, their websites, posting blogs and doing online classes.

Planning their business for the future and investing in themselves and their business.

So when we are out of this crisis called Covid-19, the industry will be brighter and better, united and stronger and busier than ever.

Sharing the love of flowers as an industry will continue in such a way that even a pandemic cannot stop.

So please share what your experiences have been? How you have used your time to invest and grow? How you have impacted those around you, your staff and the community?

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