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What To Remember When Ordering Customised Ribbon & Wrapping


  • Koch & Co specialise in creating and producing custom ribbon, gift wrapping, flower packaging and a variety of hamper and gift packaging.
  • Don’t let the initial order scare you.
  • Branding your business should not be seen as a cost.
  • Minimum orders do apply.
  • Graphic artwork of your final design will be provided before you confirm your order. If you require pre-production samples, we are happy to discuss this with you.
  • Please always allow sufficient product and delivery lead time.

If you are in business, we do not doubt that you have experienced and are aware of the many specifics required to create your own custom packaging. Customising your packaging to highlight your branding can help keep you front of mind for your customers.

At Koch & Co, we specialise in creating and producing custom ribbon, gift wrapping, flower packaging and a variety of hamper and gift packaging. We have years of experience in this area and can help you with the process. Creating your own customised packaging can be confusing with so many options being offered online. However, if you want peace of mind and a guarantee of what you are buying, then Koch & Co is the place to go.

But what should you be aware of when ordering customised ribbon and wrapping? Aside from obvious design questions about colour, size, thickness, width, material and functionality, here are a few things to be mindful of during the production that you may not have considered.


Don’t let it scare you! Pricing for personalised ribbon and wrapping will vary greatly depending on the materials you use, the type of printing you require, and how much you buy. Starting with a budget can help, but branding is an investment and you want to invest in quality. 

Remember, you are sourcing a customised item that is unique to your business. The initial investment can be a shock because you are often buying 2 to 3 months’ supply of wrapping or ribbon in one go. Don’t worry, you will certainly use it.

How Much To Initially Order

You need to take into account that any printing of personalised custom packaging has a minimum order quantity and set up cost. Besides this, you can order as much as you like, depending on the company’s max order amount and their capacity to produce it. 

In some instances, the minimum order amount can be quite small, but when ordering small amounts, the price may be a little higher. Keep in mind that it takes as much time to set up and clean a machine to print 100m of ribbons as it does to print 1,000m.

Getting A Sample Before You Commit

One important point to note is that if you require a physical sample before mass production is completed, then this does cost more because the design and plates need to be prepared. However, design and print plate costs are usually a one-off cost and can be used again if you are not changing your design.

Alternatively, you can ask for a graphic draft of what the product will look like before mass production. This can be produced by your graphic designer or the design team at the company you are getting your products printed from.

How Much Time Will It Take

For most businesses, there is a production and delivery lead time. If you need your goods ASAP, in most circumstances airfreight can be arranged to meet your delivery deadlines, but it will be more expensive. Lead times are important to keep in mind especially if you want to repeat your order.

If you are looking to get your customised ribbon and wrapping made through Koch & Co, please contact our Customer Care team on 1300 555 624 (Monday to Friday). If you are looking for more information on what to consider when creating your design, browse our helpful FAQ page now.

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