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What Will The New Normal Be For The Florist Industry After Covid?

What Will The New Normal Be For The Florist Industry After Covid?

What Will The New Normal Be For The Florist Industry After Covid?

Most flower business owners are constantly trying to build a creative team to ensure that their businesses are successful. But this is not always easy. Most of the time a florists main goal can be solely focused on the selling and delivery of flower arrangements. Unfortunately, this means in a fast-paced world of technology and trends it is easy for a business to get left behind if they don’t invest in a dedicated team to help push them forward.

So, what can you do to help build a creative and innovative team and make sure they are guiding your business in a beneficial direction?

It’s All About Your Team

Make sure you are prepared to ask questions about creativity and innovation when you interview and review your staff. Allow and encourage your staff to express their creative abilities by broadening the boundaries of your offerings. If your team feels the support and respect of the managers and owners, they will excel and continue to explore.

Foster A Creative And Innovative Work Environment

This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. As a leader, you need to actively support your team’s creative and innovative efforts instead of dismissing them. Even if an idea feels too big for your business, you should discuss ways of how those ideas can be broken down and tailored to your business. 

Don’t forget that creativity or innovation may not necessarily be huge leaps in design, instead, they can be small improvements in simple day-to-day tasks, i.e., how you cut your large flowers or dispose of your waste.

Make Things Clear

Although it sounds like a dream, you can’t allow for every idea to be actioned without a proper review system in place. A few key things to make clear to your team before they start work are:

What are the boundaries? 

Not every idea, platform, or project will suit your business. In the beginning, be clear about defining what creativity and innovation mean for your business and what types of areas you would like your team to focus on.

Why does the business need it? 

In today’s tech-heavy environment a business can advertise on ten different platforms at once, but is it worth it? Ask yourself, do you need to start an Instagram page or TikTok account? Do you need to create extravagant installations that show off your floristry skill? Answering these questions can be done by identifying the types of customers you have. If your customers don’t care about TikTok, but are picking up the latest copy of Better Homes and Gardens every month, then you might want to give the platform a miss. 

Where can we be more creative and innovative? 

This could be done through the investment in specific products, like a wider selection of foliage or flowers, or through a large project that requires your team to think outside the box. Examples of large projects can be things like a revamp of your business logo and branding. If it has been ten years and your branding is a bit outdated, giving your business a touch-up might be just what it needs. 

There is always a trade-off between creativity, innovation, and productivity. Finding a balance between each side can be tricky to accomplish at times. However, don’t be afraid to take a minute to find this balance and encourage your staff your push the boundaries in ways that are good for your business and customers.

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