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Wrap and Pack with Sustainable Kraft Products

Wrap and Pack with Sustainable Kraft Products

Wrap and Pack with Sustainable Kraft Products

When it comes to packaging, we all recognise that sustainability is now a core value to government, businesses, and consumers alike. Small brand touches on a business’ sustainable packaging can communicate so much about attention to detail, the quality of products and service, as well as its ethos. Now, more than ever, finishing touches like branded wrap and packing tape are helping both small and big businesses to minimise their footprint and meet the changing values of an environmentally-minded clientele.

With booming market demand for sustainable packaging options, at Koch & Co. we are pleased to offer sustainable packaging options. See our range of customisable kraft products below to communicate not only your business’ professionalism but environmental conscience, too. 

plastic free packaging kraft honeycomb wrap

Showcase Your Brand Using Koch & Co.’s Customer Printing Service:

Two key materials being embraced by businesses in the move towards greater packaging sustainability are kraft paper and gummed paper tape. Strong and cost-effective, these materials say a lot about a business’ ethos, especially if they carry your business logo. At Koch & Co., we can arrange a range of packaging products customised with your branding.

  • Kraft wrap: Showcase your brand using Koch & Co.’s custom printing service on our kraft wrap range. Follow the instructions here to print your logo onto our sustainable kraft paper.  
  • Gummed paper tape: We are also proud to offer custom printing on our water activated gummed paper tape. Custom printed tape is currently only available for bulk orders. It is also reinforced gummed paper tape, which means that the fibreglass threads embedded within the tape cannot be torn by hand, only cut with a blade. This makes our gummed paper tape superior to cello tape for tamper-proofing. This reinforcement with fibreglass threads also means that this tape is unconventionally strong. A single 70cm strip of our reinforced tape can support up to 20kg of weight. Reliable, sustainable, and branded, use this tape to show care not only about your product’s security, but also about your plastic consumption.  
  • Kraft Mailing Boxes: Showcase your brand using Koch & Co.’s custom printing service on our range of boxes. This includes our ranges of hat boxes, wine boxes, hamper boxes, and more. Follow the instructions here to print your logo onto our sustainable kraft mailing boxes.  
customised gummed paper tape small brand touch

QR Codes to Minimise Overpackaging: 

Incorporating interactive elements in your packaging is an emerging part of packaging. Designed to minimise packaging tags and flyers, it also engages customers online and thus encourages repeat purchases. QR codes provide a straightforward way to engage customers with related content. They also provide a means for more detailed and customised customer service. With a QR code, you can link a customer to anything from instructional videos, to nutritional information, and related products. Print your QR codes onto kraft tags or stickers and attach them to your packaging for a convenient, modern, and sustainable labelling solution.


Gift wrapping services are an add-on that can go a long way in customer satisfaction. Minimise your business’ footprint by wrapping with our sustainable range of kraft mini greeting cards, cotton twine, cotton ribbon, linen ribbon, and jute ribbon. These options are all naturally complementary with our kraft ranges. These ranges are not only made from sustainable materials, they are also reusable in the home. 

sustainable kraft gift wrapping

Overall sustainability is a valued attribute by consumers and greenwashing is a tactic consumers are increasingly aware of. As such, it is important to move towards more holistically sustainable practices. This will help to maintain the integrity of sustainable small brand touches as finishing touches, rather than empty gestures.

At Koch & Co., we will continue to move with emerging technologies, laws, and trends in order to provide your business with options that will benefit your brand’s sustainability. For more information about sustainable practice, read our blogs How Can Sustainability Grow Within The Floristry Industry? and Our NEW Sustainable Packaging Solutions & Upcycling Ideas!

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