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Cello Hamper Bag FAQ

What is the material used to manufacture the cello hamper bags?

Our cello hamper bags are made of BOPP (bi-axially orientated polypropylene which means that the PP has been shaped).

What is the difference between OPP, CPP & PE materials compared to BOPP?

OPP is Oriented Polypropylene – This material is usually complex and multi-layered. It is commonly used for the outer packaging on cigarette boxes, greetings cards, pasta bags etc.

CPP is Cast Polypropylene – This material has a high gloss and is a better alternative to PVC. It can be folded crisply and is used predominantly for commercial plastic bags.

PE is Polyethylene – This is the most common plastic out there other than PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). It is commonly used for containers, including bottles, plastic bags, geomembranes etc.

What can the cello hamper bags be used for?

Our cello hamper bags can be used to efficiently wrap hampers and gift baskets.

Are the cello hamper bags food grade?    

Yes and they are suitable for food packaging.

Are BOPP cello hamper bags biodegradable and recyclable?

Our BOPP hamper bags are recyclable and do not react with other elements when discarded or leach toxins into soil or water. They break down when exposed to prolonged heat and UV radiation from sunlight.

This product will eventually degrade under the right circumstances. For more information, contact your local council or waste management centre about how to dispose of the product properly. 

What are the benefits of cello hamper bags?

They are quick and easy to use and do not require wrapping skills to use them. They are cost efficient and can save precious time wrapping hampers and gift baskets during busy season.

What is the maximum hamper size a cello hamper bag can wrap?

Our largest cello hamper bag (P1120) can fit large baskets up to the size of 60cm diameter x 50cm high (including the handle).

Our medium cello hamper bag (P11) can fit medium baskets up to the size of 34cm diameter x 25cm high (including the handle).

How do I seal the cello hamper bags?

You can simply seal the cello hamper bags by gathering the bag opening and by tying a ribbon around it.

Step by Step showing how to use the cello hamper bags

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