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Design Master Spray Paint Quick Q&A Product Tips

Can I use Design Master on fresh flowers?

Yes. The spray paint is delicate and versatile enough to colour fresh flowers, as well as materials used by professional florists and crafters.

Can you use Design Master to spray on Styrofoam and polystyrene foam craft balls, wreaths frames and floral arrangement bases?

Yes. Design Master COLORTOOL® colours and metal hues will adhere to rigid open cell Styrofoam™ polystyrene. Not all Design Master products will work on polystyrene. When spraying, you need to spray from a distance of about 45cm to allow the paint to dry will applying it. Apply light even coats and let the paint dry to touch between coats. Painting too close and not allowing it to dry will melt, distort or eat the foam. Excessive coats or not allowing each coat to dry completely will leave the surface too wet for too long, and could cause the foam to melt. Follow the instructions on the label.

Can you use Design Master Spray on all foam products?

No. Design Master will work on closed cell foam (EPS – expanded polystyrene) but may not work on other foams. It is always best to do a test spray and follow the instructions on the can.

Can you use Design Master on Fabrics?

Yes, you can spray all Design Master COLORTOOL Sprays as well as Premium Metals, TintIT and Just For Flowers on fabrics. Metallic colours will not be as bright on fabrics as on hard surfaces. The fabric will feel starchy and may need to be rubbed softly. Your finish on fabric will depend on how smooth and absorbent the fabric is.

Can Fabrics painted with Design Master be washed?

Yes. Provided the fabric is a washable fabric, you can wash fabric painted with Design Master spray. The paint is not water soluble, will not bleed and does not need a specific heat setting. Depending on the frequency and intensity of washing, the colour will fade.

Can you apply clear coat over metallic Design Master Sprays?

Yes. Clear coat will add protection and durability to metallic colour spray. On the other hand, it will make the reflective effects of the metal particles in the paint less reflective. Design Master suggests using Modern Metals scratch resistant durable metallic finish spray paints in their collection. This paint has a different pigment structure to the other metallic Design Master sprays that make it more reflective and durable.

Can Design Master metallic paints adhere to terracotta?

Yes. Terracotta is known to have a film of mould on it. Best practice and to ensure great results you need to clean terracotta with soapy water or use Design Master Mess Master to clean the terracotta before painting. Allow your terracotta pot to dry thoroughly before painting.

Can Design Master Sprays have trouble drying?

Yes. If the surface is not prepared well or has a pre-existing surface finish, the paint may not be compatible and with the spray paint. Remember, Design Master Spray paints are quick drying and should be dry to touch almost immediately and completely dry after 30 to 60min. Best practise is to test spray before starting or use a primer or surface sealer to act as a barrier between the surface and the spray paint you are using. If the surface is not dry within 30-60 minutes, you are experiencing an incompatibility between finishes. 

Can my painted finish result in a dull whitish look?

Yes. Painting in direct sunlight, or on a hot, humid day will cause the spray’s solvent to dry too quickly, creating a dull whitish film. To rectify, simply re-spray the item at room temperature.


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