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Building An Innovative And Creative Floral Team

Building An Innovative And Creative Floral Team

Building An Innovative And Creative Floral Team

There is no doubt that life as a modern florist has changed from its traditional beginnings. Today, not all florists work out of retail stores. Some florists have studios, some are mobile, and some only have an online presence. Customers have also become more knowledgeable than ever before. When making a purchase, customers now often know the style, flower type, colour, and even spend limit they want.

To ensure you succeed in this changing world you need to adapt to the times. Changing habits isn’t easy, but if you fail to acknowledge that things are evolving you might be left behind.

Here are a few simple aspects you should focus on when becoming a more modern florist.

1. Giving new life to classic designs

When a classic car like the Mini is revived, designers often incorporate the elements that customers loved 50 years ago using modern flair. Much like the redesign of a classic car, you should improve upon the existing elements of classic floral design. Quite often you can create new and exciting floral arrangements by drawing inspiration from classic styles.

The abundance of new ingredients, flowers, foliage, and plants in today’s market should help push your creative boundaries. A great example of classic floral designs being revived is the current popularity of dried and preserved flowers. Once popular in the 70s, these classic florals have been made trendy again with the use of new colours and new arrangement styles.

2. Expanding your skill set

One of the most difficult things a florist has to face is expanding their skill set. Today, customers demand that a florist be skilled in every aspect of floristry, even if these areas were not traditionally a part of the industry. An example of this is many florists now sell potted plants in their stores and offer interior decorating advice to their customers.

Our advice on expanding your skill set is to seek out knowledge and be curious. There is a great range of free resources available for florists via tutorials on YouTube, social media pages, or professional chat forums. These are places where florists can gain knowledge about new skills and give back to the industry.

3. Brand identity

You need to be clear about communicating what your brand stands for and what you offer as a business. One of the best ways of communicating this to your audience is via social media and your website. Having a strong online presence and a clear brand message is crucial.

But online is not the only place you need to deliver a clear brand message. All aspects of what your customers interact with need to be up to date and relevant. The environment you create online should be felt when a customer visits your studio or store. By having a clear brand identity, you immediately put your customers in a mindset of what they can expect from your business.

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