Is Your Business Online or Just On Social Media?

It’s common knowledge that having a great social media presence can help your business grow and keep sales moving. However, not all businesses can give these platforms the time and energy they require. Small businesses can be significantly more time-poor than bigger companies with dedicated communications teams.

If you’re a small business and considering investing your time into a website or social page, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before starting.

These questions include:

  • Is social media OR a website more important to your bottom line?
  • How will you balance your efforts to keep these platforms up to date?

Answering these questions honestly will help with the added workload to come.

Social Media

In January 2021, almost 80% of Australians were active users of social media, compared to just 58% in 2015. Staying on trend with the latest social media platforms like Instagram can be fun and relatively easy to learn. All your wonderful work can be instantly shared with thousands of followers on a daily basis. These platforms also offer a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Although these platforms do give you instant gratification, your work can also be short-lived and forgotten. The nature of platforms like Facebook means they need day-to-day attention to be profitable. If you’re not able to give these platforms the attention they require there are other digital alternatives.


You may wish to consider starting a blog that highlights skills, tips, and products related to your business. Blogging allows you to express what your company represents by showcasing your ideas and creativity through interesting articles. Blogging can also have the added benefit of driving SEO traffic to your website.

Unlike social pages, blogging is a long-term investment into the social world. It might not come with instant gratification but will show rewards in the long run.


As of February 2019, it was recorded that 80.8% of Australians shop online. Even if customers don’t make a complete purchase, they also use retail websites to browse items they might later purchase in-store.

Because of this, your website should be a major foundation piece of your company and brand. Above all, it should be user friendly and able to take your customer by the hand all the way to the shopping cart.


A successful website won’t be created overnight, but it should include these main things:

  • A clear description of your brand
  • Have a design that is inviting
  • An easily navigated site map
  • Have up-to-date product information, including pictures
  • Obvious calls to action
  • Be SEO friendly
  • Easy-to-find contact information
  • Links to your extended social media platforms

If you haven’t been treating your website as a massive piece of your business, maybe it’s time to share some of the efforts you put into social media. This can be done even in the way you prioritise content creation. Start thinking of how content can be made to benefit your website first and then convert that to your social pages.

When trying to work out what’s best for your company it is good to keep the mindset that social media is instant and your website is for the long run. Although it might not be as fun or creative, you should always prioritise what is best for your bottom line.

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