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A Guide To Spray Painting Dried Flowers & Leaves

A Guide To Spray Painting Dried Flowers & Leaves

A Guide To Spray Painting Dried Flowers & Leaves

Dried Palm leaves, flowers, and botanicals have become a trendy feature in popular floral arrangement designs. But quite often, you need to either re-purpose or change the colour of your dried botanicals to suit a certain colour palette or to extend their lifespan.

Design Master spray paints are specifically formulated to be used on flowers, leaves, and a variety of botanical products. They will always give you clean and consistent coverage without over-spraying. So, you may want to consider this before you invest in cheap alternative spray paints from the hardware or auto parts retailers, as these products may only go part of the way to offering a professional finish.

Follow our easy step-by-step tips below to see how you can easily use Design Master Spray paints to paint your dried flowers and leaves.

What you need:

  1. A protective cover, like cardboard or a drop sheet.
  2. Paintbrush or hand broom.
  3. Your choice of dried flowers and/or leaves.
  4. Your choice of Design Masters Spray Paints. You can choose to use multiple colours if you like.
  5. A dry, well-ventilated painting area that is away from high winds.

Step-by-step tips:

  • Always spray in a dry, well-ventilated area that is not exposed to high winds. Best results are achieved in a low humidity environment
  • Lay down a protective cover, like cardboard or a drop sheet, to keep your area and any furniture safe from overspray.
  • Ensure your botanicals are dry and dust-free. You can use a clean paintbrush or hand broom to remove any loose debris or dust. Do not use a wet cloth or brush to clean them as this will damage your dried flowers and leaves.
Spray Paint Flowers 1
  • You can choose to use two colours if you like. One as a base colour and one as a highlight colour.
Spray Paint Flowers 2
  • Use a heavier pigmented paint, like Design Master Colourtools, as a base paint or primer.
  • Always shake your spray paint can well before starting the painting process.
Spray Paint Flowers 3
  • Position yourself to spray from a distance of about 30cm, and spray in light and even passes.
  • Start by spraying one side first, let it dry for about 1 to 2 minutes, and then continue on the alternate side.
  • Repeat the spray process one more time to add a second coat
  • You can try using a lighter pigmented spray, such as Ubermatte, to create a highlight effect or repeat with the same paint
  • Depending on your intended finish, you may need a third coat
  • After 1 to 2 minutes, when your flowers and leaves are dry, you can start adding your newly painted botanicals to your chosen arrangement or display.
Spray Paint Flowers 9

The finished product:

Spray Paint Flowers 15

By painting your unwanted leaves and flowers which are at the end of their lifecycle, you are re-purposing them and significantly extending their use. However, please note that after your dried botanical products have been painted they are no longer compostable or biodegradable.

You can browse the entire range of Design Master Spray Paints on our website, or instore at our Koch & Co superstore in Auburn. For more information about the Design Masters range, you can read our other Koch Blog articles All About Design Master Sprays, or browse our selection of helpful FAQ pages Design Master Spray Paint General FAQ, Design Master Spray Paint Quick Q&A Product Tips, and Design Master FAQ Safety and Environmental Information.

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